I Got My First 10 Paying Users!

I got my first 10 paid subscribers in a little less than a month since I launched the paid subscription for my app Dont Text. I've been working hard to promote my app anywhere and everywhere that I can. And it feels good to meet this little milestone and have some of the hard work finally pay off.

I've seen this quote a thousand times:

"If you can get 10 customers, you can get 100, and then you can get 1000"

After three failed side projects and never making a dollar of revenue, I never thought I'd get 10 people to pay money for something I built. Now that I'm here I'm not 100% sure how, but I'm starting to believe that I can get to the next 100 customers too.

If you're struggling to get off the ground and get your first paying customers, I hope this post gives you a little encouragement. It is by no means easy, but you can do it. Cheers to the next 100 customers! 🥂

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    Congratulations! They say that of 100 startups only one succeeds, having your fourth project getting traction is an incredible success.

    Even you never get past these 1000 customers that you'll get eventually, your 5th project might get a million.

    1. 1

      Thank you! I had not heard that before about the 100 startups.

  2. 1

    Congrats!! How did you reach the 10 customers?

    1. 1

      Mostly just posting on IndieHackers, Reddit, and Twitter. I try to share my app with people when it is adding value to the conversation or I make posts about my journey building the app so people find it from those posts.

      I also have a blog on the Dont Text website for SEO purposes. I haven't seen a ton of organic growth so far but it's early and I know this is a long term strategy.

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