I got my first sale! 💸

Hey guys,

I've been working on a simple no-code product for the past couple of weeks called Community List . It's a database of hundreds of Communities for Makers and Founders to Promote their products.

This is my first paid product as a maker and I launched it on PH today. Got a few sales. 🤩

I'm incredibly stoked for people to buy something I've built. Pretty nervous and excited, as the launch is still going on.

I'll share more here soon :)

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    Congrats!, and enjoy it =)

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    Congratulations! That's a wonderful first milestone - and one you should be proud of. Wherever things go from here, pat yourself on the back and enjoy the accomplishment.

    (I particularly like Lara Hogan's philosophy on milestones: enjoy a doughnut!)

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      Truly appreciate the kind words man :)

      My next plan is to work on a SaaS and few other product ideas. (leadgen tool, OpenAI GPT3 and a few funny ones). This is a good 'MVP' experience for a paid product.

      Hahaha I'll get a donut once the lockdown ends. It's an awesome Philosopy.

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