I got on the HN front-page for 10 hours with 117 points. Here are the numbers

So out of a sudden I see a submission of my post on the front-page of Hacker News!

I mostly sat back and watched my Plausible Analytics showing anything between 80 to 130 people online at my blog. I also updated the post twice based on feedback to be better.

Over the course of 10 hours I got ~9000 unique visitors from HN and thanks to that also 122 visitors to the landing page of my book Deployment from Scratch.

Visitors are kind of vanity metric, but since I already had a link to my book on the page, I got 24 new subscribers for the final release, which is already bit more meaningful.

Fun fact: I upgraded to a higher Plausible plan just a day before this (the basic plan is 10k views per month...).

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    Hey Josef, this are great numbers and very useful. The ratio of people that went to your book's landing page doesn't seem too high but on the other hand, the ratio of people subscribing for the release (24/122) is superb! Meaning that the landing page seems to be working great. So congrats!

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      Yep, you are right.

      But you have to take into account that people came for a different thing than my book and the link is at the very bottom of the page. This wasn't a SHOW HN thread where you directly link your project.

      A more aggressive ad could work better but would also put off people to upvote and share, so I don't believe that's the way.

      But as you said, the book page conversion is great, so it's working well.

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        Yes, I agree with you, a more aggresive ad could make the post feel spammy.

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