I grew my Twitter account from 300 to 37k followers. Now, I'm building an app

I grew my Twitter account from 300 to 37k followers from 2019 to 2020. I took Daniel Vassallo's Twitter course and realized that most people don't know how to build an actual community on Twitter. Follower count < Engagement.

I decided to build an app that focuses on helping you convert twitter users to actual customers.

CrowdFox is launching in Q1!

Would love to know what you think :)


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    This is awesome! I've searched for tools in this space and all I can find are post schedulers (which is convenient, but IMO only the tip of the iceberg of what's possible)

    I've thought about building something like this myself. A couple things I'd love to have:

    1. A way to scan my network (new followers, folks who engage with my tweets) and highlight folks I'd do well to connect with (either because they have large followings or because our interests overlap)
    2. Track aspirational accounts (folks in my niche who are doing really well) to help me learn from what they're doing right, by sharing insights around what they post, how they engage with their community, etc)

    Best of luck with this project, sounds exciting!

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      Thank you so much, Josh! Sounds like you need to be on the beta user list! :))) Great feedback.

      I felt the same way. The existing tools on the market weren’t solving my problems either.

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    Can you talk a bit about building a business brand vs personal brand on Twitter?

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      Hi! I will be talking about that in a blog post pretty quickly! :)

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    I think I made it clear that I want in. 😅

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      makes my day to hear that! I can't wait to hear your feedback!

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    This looks awesome! Joined the waitlist :)

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    that twitter growth though 🤯🤯, I'll definitely buy that video. I'm just starting out on twitter 33 followers.
    I want to grow and engage with my audience sustainably. Joined waitlist 🤩.

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      Thank you so much for joining the waitlist! :)

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    Hey @randallkanna I definitely want to join and help you with feedback and design if you also need that.

    My goal for 2020 is to build my community only in Twitter - I started live-streaming there and asking people to join me by designing in public, I create UX educational tweets and also create UX courses for indie makers and small teams.

    What you build is trully valuable to me so if I can already get access somehow please let me know!



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      Hi Jim! Thank you so much for joining the waitlist! I would love your feedback and suggestions when the beta opens!

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    @randallkanna I have been trying to use Twitter for user acquisition of my tool Brutask.

    Are there any influencers in the twitter space you would recommend me to follow and learn from? I feel twitter is highly under utilized platform and might have great potential to solve my problem as well!

    Also, was the course helpful in this journey? I just saw Daniel's gumroad page and thinking of buying it for myself.

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      Yes the course was immensely helpful! I highly recommend Daniels course. I would recommend following Daniel Vassallo and Arvid Kahl, author of zero to sold!

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        Awesome! Will definitely check them out!
        Thanks a lot @randallkanna!

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    Nice work Randall! This sounds promising for people like me who mostly build stuff but have no idea how to get started on Twitter. I just signed up for your waiting list :)

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      Thank you so much :’)

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      That comment literally means the world to hear

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        thanks for taking the time to build it out and passing it on!

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    I joined the waiting list.

    What's your plan to mitigate platform risk, i.e. suddenly having your Twitter API cut off by Twitter?

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      Sticking closely to the Twitter rules. Because I have a large twitter following myself, Twitter approved my API request very quickly. I’m not concerned about them removing my access. I’m also already using the app myself and since I know how valuable a large Twitter account can be, I’m definitely sticking to the rules and making Twitter happy as much as possible.

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    Great work Randall, that's an impressive feat growing from 300 --> 38k! I'm still trying to crack 750!! Funnily enough I purchased Daniel's Twitter course earlier this week and going to watch it this weekend, so I assume by next Friday I will have more followers than I can handle 😂

    Crowdfox seems really interesting, I joined the waitlist and looking forward to having a play with it!

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      Thank you so much, Chris! I'm so happy to have you on the list. Daniel's course is the best! ahahah I hope you do get to more than you can handle so I can get you as a user on CrowdFox for some great feedback!

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    That's awesome, i just joined the waiting list.

    (Incredible growth btw, 30k in a year 🤩🤩)

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      Thank you so much! For the wait list and your kind comment. I think the growth was what inspired me to build CrowdFox. Plenty of people have large followings but tiny engagement. I'd rather have 1000 engaged followers than 10k followers.

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    Looks interesting, tried out some apps before that would help find interesting content to interact with, but always felt a bit limited.

    Signed up for the waiting list and I'd be more than happy to supply feedback whenever it opens up!

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      I would love to hear your feedback!

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        When do you think you would open up for the first testers?

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          Pretty quickly actually! I'll be doing a small beta group in feb!

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            Nice, well I signed up will I be getting an email when you do?

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    This looks awesome! How does the tweet discovery work? Everything else I've tried for this has been far to noisy to be useful.

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      I would love to actually get you to try out the beta app when it's ready in that case! You're exactly the target user! :)

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        I requested an invite with my standardresume.co email address 😃.

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    Looks great, joined the waiting list, thanks!

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      So glad to have you on the list!! :)

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    Site looks great, solid design overall.

    Is your target businesses or influencers?

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      Great question! It's really anyone who wants to track customers on Twitter and grow a community. But I'll be mostly focusing on indie hackers and content creators for the first launch and working on new features that help those two groups.

      CrowdFox also already supports multiple Twitter accounts and multiple team members so it is setup for businesses from the get go too!

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    This looks awesome! I also took Daniel's course, would love to have a tool that helped automate some of those strategies. It really works.

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