I had no idea how hard is to come up with a name for a product 🤔

Hello 👋, dear indie hackers!

It seems to me that I am thinking too hard about the name of my product. So much so that for 2 weeks I can not decide on the choice.

In short, the essence of my product is that you can find the best time and place for travel activity, e.g., you want to try surfing, that's why you open my app, then choose surfing category and see the list of best countries, cities and seasons for them to have the best experience. Moreover, you are not limited by sport travel activities, you can get to know when to visit for example Thailand to avoid the wet season.

I created a simple survey with a couple of name ideas you can choose from -- https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/225D8TM

Peace 💖

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    I saw this recently: https://mystartupname.com/ Some techniques that might help.

    Also this one could be useful https://naming-tools.com/

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      They are really nice services if you need to come up with a name.

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    I've never heard of a great name being a reason for someone to buy a product or offering.

    Name and logo is often a self vanity exercise we get caught up in, nobody cares about the name or the logo.

    I was able to ask this exact question of a top level branding guy with the big name agencies in London, the name and the brand is a promise of the experience, all the really difficult bits in business have nothing to do with the name/logo.

    Frankly, pick anything and move forward. Lots of nicely named startups never get anywhere, weirdly lots of badly named companies top the fortune 500.

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      Yeah, it's kind of hit or miss. Some names make sense (e.g. Facebook, Netflix, Paypal, etc) others don't (e.g. eBay, Spotify, Wayfair, etc). I think it's worth spending some time on picking a good name, but don't get hung up on it.

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      Hmmm, that makes sense. I guess you are right, I'm loosing too much energy for this task.
      Thank you, Breffni!

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    Honey Peaks. Honey Peaks...

    Honey Peaks

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    Not sure if it will help, but maybe try searching through a bunch of ancient latin / greek words, and see if there's a combination you can make somewhere in there that you like. :)

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    Ditto! I've been thinking of a name for one of my projects for a couple of weeks now... AND, it is indeed blocking me from doing quite a bit of tasks. 😞

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      Exactly! I understand you like no other. I have a bunch of tasks in the "todo" column, but I can't start them until I found the right name. Also, things are getting harder when you need to choose a domain (e.g. .com, .net, io) 😅

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    Search domains (you can generate variations on some sites based on the theme etc). See which ones you can get for cheap and hone in those.

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    Everyone overthinks name and wants a google like name. Don't over think it. Explain what your app does in few words. My app helps people plan their trip, so I went with PlanYourTrip but it was taken so I swapper your for more and https://PlanMoreTrips.com was born.

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    Check out these books:

    Don't Call It That
    Hello, My Name Is Awesome

    You can probably just grab one of them, since there is a lot of overlap. I used "Don't Call It That" while naming my current company. The books have exercise in them for finding a name. The exercises themselves yielded no workable names for me, but they did help me push past all the obvious and low quality name so I could get to the ones with more nuance and depth. It also loaded the problem into the working area of my mind, where I churned on it for a few weeks. One day, I was reading something unrelated to naming my company and something triggered an insight that lead to our company name.

    Long story short, grab one of those books, work through the exercises, and let your mind chew on it for a while. That said, there are companies with horrible names that are killing it, so don't overthink it. Personally, I wanted a name I would be proud of, so I stuck with it a bit longer.

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    2 weeks? I took 6 months LOL, but I worked on my product in the mean time.

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    How about TimeWise? (be wise about your time)

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      I've been thinking about something "time" related too. Will try to develop in this direction
      Thank you for idea :)

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    Hi @Vladysalv , naming is hard, but sometimes you should not spend too much time thinking about it ;-)
    Lot's of company have name that convey the idea, but most of them have name that looked kind of random (eg Apple anyone ;-)) . My previous project was a password manager, I and named it Tillid, which mean "trust" in danish. The project failed, but I still think that was a great name.
    Otherwise I personnaly like name which are compression of two words, but they are often too geeky.

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      Thanks, @Maxired, i'm trying to find a name the will speak for itself, because of seo optimisation. Otherwise it's easier to pick a random fancy name and be happy with it :)

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