I had to 'pivot' my startup

Will i call this a pivot or broaden not really sure but still. about two months ago i started Repreneur, Initially it started as a software crowdfunding site but after connecting with prospective users they expressed their satisfactions with Kickstarter and indiegogo so i decided to pivot into a Quora for startup's (since i still want to stay in the startup space) been running it for a while now and started to gain little traction (nowhere near product market fit though). After some constructive thoughts i have decided to "pivot' or 'broaden' Repreneur into a community of founders sharing knowledge and experiences.


I would love to get some feedback

If it helps you can get 500 IDF Tokens (in app currency) if you use the Code : IH after signing up

Just Send a DM to the official Repreneur page

Looking forward to some feedback

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