I hate how the Olympics score focuses too much on Gold Medals so I made my own score, what do you think?

  1. 2

    This is definitely a better way to calculate the scores.

    Great job, Ruben!

  2. 1

    Nice job for putting this up 👍

  3. 1

    I like counting WRs and ORs but that 4 bronze Medals are more worth does not make sense, can maybe bei equal in terms of points

  4. 1

    Great job.
    I agree with you, it's a huge mistake focusing that much on gold medals. I like your methodology!

  5. 1

    It loads so fast. Cool project.

  6. 1

    This is sick, nice work!

  7. 1

    Hey Rubén - this looks great. Simple and beautiful design. I like the scoring system too. Do you have many people visiting the site?🔥

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