I hate the phrase 'content is king'

We all do. We're busy, wearing all the hats and just trying to work out where to put our energy.

After many months of working out my own processes here, I wrote a little blog post on it. Hope you find it helpful! More than happy to answer any and all questions here as well :)

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    Dummy content creation is a great shout to help refine and improve the process quickly.

    Best thing I've found is I can double the amount of time I spend on content creation if it serves a twofold purpose - e.g I create music for instagram posts that can also go into my portfolio.

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      Absolutely Luke! If there's a way to do that, it makes so much more sense so things are multi-purpose. As a solo founder, it's the smartest use of your time for sure :) I may be venturing into podcasts soon so am working out how to use soundbites elsewhere too :)

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        Love this!

        I'm working on a tool to transform content into more content (automatically). Firstly with podcasts into blog posts and show-notes.

        Would something like this be useful to you guys?

        (sounds like you guys understand this type of workflow well)

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          Oooo interesting! I'd love to know a bit more - pop me an email and maybe we could connect for a quick chat about it?

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            Emailed ya!!! Thank you :)

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        100%. There's always a few options. E.g. Blog > Series of Tweets etc. Sounds good! I've met some people recently that really know their stuff on podcasting. Can connect you if you'd like

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          That would be amazing, thank you so much! Very VERY early days right now haha

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    me too, it's usually used by people who don't have a clue about inbound marketing

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    I agree with your approach. Make it natural, make it authentic, make it fun!

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      Thank you Leticia! So glad you liked it

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