I have hundreds of blog posts and over 100 YouTube videos. Website traffic is still ~30 per day. What am I doing wrong?

Does anyone have any SEO tips or places they would recommend to start? I produce a lot of content. It's pretty niche but I still would have expected more traffic than this at this point.

Site - https://cobaltintelligence.com/
YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/c/cobaltintelligence

Updated to add site and youtube channel.

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    Interesting website!

    Let's take a step back - how does content help you rank?

    Google is on a mission to return the best content for every given query. Best means most authoritative, comprehensive, and matches the intent of the query best.

    That can be boiled down to "damn good."

    To create content worthy of making it to page one, you need a really solid understanding of your audience and the questions they are asking. From that, you need to provide content that answers their questions and uniquely adds value.

    Given you are so niche, this presents a great opportunity!

    However in reviewing the content on your website, I can see a few areas this opportunity is being missed.

    Let's start with organization. Your blog is just a series of post after post about updates for data per state. This does not tell me much because I do not care about every single state/county, just ones that are relevant to me. Having documentation that is easy to navigate by state and drill down would be far more useful from a UX perspective (and what is good for user experience on your website is usually good for SEO).

    There are also a fair amount of posts like this one https://cobaltintelligence.com/blog/accessing-connecticut-business-data-via-the-secretary-of-state-api-part-2/, they are short and don't tell me much. They tell me YOU are doing something, but there is not much benefit that is readily apparent to the reader. In fact, many of these blog posts read as product updates, which generally are of less interest to the reader than they are to you.

    Rather than create more content, because you have a ton already, I would recommend taking a step back to really study and understand your target audience. Who, specifically, is your reader? What questions are they asking? What answers are they looking for? What type of content will be helpful? How do they consume this content? What other websites do they currently trust, and how can you fill the gaps those sites are missing?

    Look at your content like you would a product. Solve problems, answer questions, and organize it in a friendly way and you will be miles ahead of most folks when it comes to SEO.

    *This is an initial impression without having taken a look at your analytics. With so much content on your website, this is an educated guess as to why it is underperforming.

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      Thanks for your well thought out comment.

      To boil it down:

      Better organize the current content
      Get a better idea of my desired audience and build content specifically for them

      Does that sum it up?

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        No problem - and yep that is a good summary!

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    It will be much easier for people to help if you share your site and youtube channel

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      Sorry, used to reddit self promotion rules. I've updated it.

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        write useful content that is not directly related to the product you're offering and then share it, this way it won't be self promotion and also you'll get more traffic even if they don't wanna buy the product just yet, but this will improve your SEO.

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    1. List out 10-15 long tail keywords
    2. Search each keywords on Google
    3. Make a list of 4-5 website links which you see on Page 1 and Page 2 on search.
    4. Analyse their format, multiple keywords used, article length, backlinks to each website.
    5. Write similar content with similar format.
    6. Reach out to the sites which is sending backlinks to these websites lists which you made in step 3. Tell them you have better detailed article, if possible link it to xyz specific page.

    You can use Ubersuggest to analyse and find Long tail keywords, Top ranking pages and Backlinks of any websites.

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      Sounds like I need to learn more about the details of SEO.

      Thanks for the comment!

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        Hey! A lot of good advice here. SEO is has super technical side to it that a lot of folks can easily skip over. And you can definitely learn the details yourself, but you don't have to. In this case, it honestly might be better to hire out some hourly SEO work to an expert. Someone who can take care of:

        1. The keyword research
        2. Building your backlinks
        3. Running a site audit for you

        We've got tons of SEO marketers over at MarketerHire would love to help out with this.

        But, if you want to give a try yourself, here's about 3 things you can start now that won't cost you a ton! https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/380513

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