Self Care January 3, 2021

I have never been employed...How to live freely!

Walid Khoury @Walyd

For my first post here I want to try to introduce myself in the most unapologetic and authentic manner possible. 🙃 Because the reaction I get from people when I tell them that I have never applied to a single job nor have I ever been employed is truly epic!

I am simply someone with a sort of stubborn optimism to find meaning in everything. My journey into full-blown creativity started at a drastically young age, and as far as my memory goes, my personal freedom of expression has been the key interest in everything I have attempted to achieve. From being able to intricately copy a drawing at the age of 6 to writing, producing, filming, and editing a high budget arthouse feature film before the age of 30 is something I am deeply proud of. 🎆

Without this being an autobiography, I am simply elucidating the facts leading up this short "how-to story"...

In a span of just a few years, I had the chance of building my global network and work on dozens of exciting projects and concepts while traveling to over 15 countries. From camping out in the rainforest with the last remaining Batanga tribe of Cameroon to exploring the furthest corners of the Himalayas with nothing but my film equipment and some clothes, I have challenged every fiber of my being and overcame the years of battling with anxiety. And successfully so, I found the holy grail 🏆 of stability, and yes, I found the joy of finally being at peace with doing only what I love without any hesitation!

The secret? That's BS, there is no secret! There is no one singular path nor tradition, nor practice, nor dogma or religion, and certainly no one "guru" that can possibly lead you there. Trust me or not, I did spend a good 15 years frantically researching and practicing almost every other accessible tradition out there; from Hermeticism to the Maha Ati. 😅 You have to figure it out on your own and put in the work, all anyone could do is show you that window sitting in your blind spot, but you have to turn around and open it.

Here it goes then. How to live freely, own your time, be your own boss, and of course create an astounding abundance while doing so?

  1. Decide your own worth! How valuable are you really?
  2. Put yourself first. Be selfish in a good way without hurting anyone.
  3. You can not find yourself. You are already who you are.
  4. Find your unfair advantage; that sword that cuts through the noise.
  5. Overcome any fear relating to money. Money is nothing but the shared illusion of agreed value. We give that value to things. Nothing has value in itself.
  6. Only do what you love, never compromise on your ambition and dreams.
  7. Persistence wears down resistance.
  8. Never betray yourself for the sake of anyone else!!!
  9. Find what brings you meaning. Have the fear but do it anyway.
  10. Happiness is a form of aggression. You have to take it by force.
  11. Turn off the TV. Stop listening to the mainstream. Think for yourself. Act according to your own highest standards.
  12. Network! Research. Read. Research Again. Get the right info and apply it!
  13. Finally, be noble. Do only what is right. Be totally free!

Living by these simple "rules" has allowed me to overcome any challenge over the years. I have created a life where I choose what to do with my time. A life that is full of abundance and exciting opportunities. A life where I can bring a lot of meaning to everyone around me through creating amazing ideas and businesses that I just absolutely love.

I am totally sure that you can do the same! 💪

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my rants. I had a lot of fun writing this. Looking forward to reading your comments below and ready to help however I can.

Stay awesome,

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    The secret? That's BS, there is no secret! - Love it! Thanks for your advice.

    1. 1

      😂 'Tis true! Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.

  2. 1

    Do you come from money?

    1. 2

      Good one haha 🤣 I started freelancing when I was 14, never went to uni, and built everything from absolutely nothing. I had help from great friends with the networking. Everything else was self taught!

      1. 1

        Very impressive. Could you share your portfolio?

        1. 1

          Thanks! Of course.
          My website:
          My latest film:
          I have a new startup incubator platform in the making.

          Follow me here for more updates! :) Have a nice day

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