I helped a friend take his Shopify store from 0-£100k+ in less than a year. Now we want to help other people do the same.

Hi :)

We are currently writing a guide to taking an e-commerce business to £100k in less than a year.

This is not a gimmick or BS, nor is it drop-shipping or a hack. This is about focus, managing time, and being smart about what you sell and who you sell it to.

What we are looking for:

  1. We would love to know what you’d like to read in this book. We want to make sure it includes exactly what you need. Any ideas, questions, and suggestions are welcome.

  2. Draft readers: in exchange for a copy of the book when it's done, we're looking for people to read drafts of chapters and provide comments, spot typos, and give feedback.

  3. We would love to hear from other people who we could include in the book too. If you have reached 100k revenue with your online store(or close to it!) we'd love to share your tips, stories, hard lessons learned and also promote your store in the book too!

Leave a comment below with responses to any of these, or message me via my IH profile.

Reach out too if you want to know when the book is ready!

Our Journey

My friend's store has been super successful having only opened it in September 2020. Today his total revenue is over £115K in ~8 months!

I had an online wine store several years ago, it did okay - reaching about £50k in revenue at its peak. I learned a lot from the experience and used them to guide my friend to build a better business than my own, and in much less time.

We are both Product Managers in our day jobs. So we have a good insight into building products, understanding customers, growing an audience, cornering markets and how to do effective marketing for high ROI.

We each have children of our own who are less than 2 years old - just to clarify that we had day jobs and busy lives while doing this.

Working together to overcome the challenges of building a £100k+ online store has been valuable for both of us. Now we want to share everything we have learned to help other people build a good income from a simple online e-commerce business.

  1. 1

    To be fair please don’t make another course…

    I am thinking of helping people grow their insta and I came to the conclusion that the only way to really help people is by consulting. You have to actually make it happen. It’s the only way to show you are legit in this crowded space of fake shit. (And I believe you are real, simply because your background)

    I can be your first customer, for your social proof, which will set you apart of all the BS out there.

    So let’s put the money where your mouth is, can you help me building a store for my 3 insta accounts (Porsche theme) with a reach ranging between 2/6 million per week?

    You can be payed by getting a percentage of the revenue for example.

    If this is to direct for you, because there is potential to fail ofcourse I would start a YT channel, make vids, sell a course and fake being insanely rich to sell your online course😂😂

    In all seriousness, another guide is not the best idea I think. Helping people like me making it happen for a % probably is better.

    1. 1

      I genuinely appreciate your brutal honesty and the fact that you slid an potential mutually beneficial opportunity in there too :P

      This is genuine for us, we want to help people. But I see your point too! We will continue to pull our insights into a guide- an ebook or online resource rather than a course right now.

      It would be good to have another case study, so let’s explore it a bit more and go from there?

      Can you send some more details about the insta accounts to start with? you can find an email link on my IH profile.

      Thanks for reaching out :)

      1. 1

        Haha, great that you took it so well! I am Dutch and often people say we are very direct I believe😂

        I have to say tho, your idea resonated with me because we (my brother and I) are in the same boat as you guys. We think we can genuinely help people, but how can we make people trust us when there is so much scam out there in this space.

        I would definitely work on resources, just for the reason that you can use it in house to train your future employees for example to help people like me have successful stores.

        But like I said above, selling it would be really hard, for this reason: how will you show the people that your course is the 1 in a million course that has a succes rate of more then 1% xd and is not just a copied little guide from someone else haha.

        I will email you, insta is @911.turbos

        1. 2

          Hey Dylan, I checked out your insta - an impressive following congrats!

          It's taken me a while to reply because something you said has been bugging me (in a good way!). I've written a lot of the "book" and now have put up a landing page too: https://zerotogrowthbook.com/

          So.. because you're so honest with me, I want to ask you a couple of questions / get feedback if you don't mind?

          • how would the revenue share work? Solely on trust, or using some tech like Stripe's Connect feature to keep it transparent and automated?

          • would you (and do you think people similar to you) might consider being in a small cohort of people and getting a consulting service together?

          • what would a fair revenue share amount be to you? Over what period? Would it be tiered or capped?

          • what amount of direct time do you think you would need weekly?

          Here's why I am asking: You're right, it is more helpful and impactful to have a direct relationship when helping to build a store. But a written guide is also useful..

          What I am considering is offering the resources (the book and other tools and templates that are emerging from writing it) as -

          1. self service: pay one price and get the resources and use it on yourself

          2. resources + consultancy, possibly with a small cohort of people and get direct help and bespoke support to implement the resources

          I'm curious to know your opinion, as you represent a particular segment of user.

          Either way, shoot me an email and we can explore what you want to achieve and how I might be able to help you :)

          1. 1

            Hey! First of all, sorry for not emailing you earlier. I just sent you an email a few minutes ago, we can continue there.

            1. 1

              No worries at all. Thanks! Got it.. I'll follow up by email :)

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