🔥 I hired a twitter coach to help me build my Twitter community!

While everybody is talking about investing into Bitcoin, I decided to invest into Twitter.

I didn't buy stocks.

Instead, I hired a Twitter coach for a monthly fee (<1000$).

Twitter is my favourite social network.

It's personal, authentic and human-centred.

It's a platform focused on building relationships, learning new things and not hacking algorithms to get popularity.

My community (developers and indie makers) is also using it every day.

I've met and helped dozens of fellow IndieHackers in my DMs and shaped some great relationships already!

Therefore it makes sense to go all-in and only focus on Twitter.

Do 1 thing and do it well.

The problem though is that content creation is tough.

Everybody gives the advice to "start creating content", "build an audience" and so on, without realising sometimes how hard this actually is.

In my case I want to create educational content around UX.

I want my Twitter profile to be a source of knowledge and inspiration for fellow indie makers on how to improve their products.

But it's hard.

It's hard to stay consistent week by week. To build a system around it and create great content that is easy to read.

One thing life taught me the last years is the importance of asking for help.

The importance of having mentors instead of trying to figure out everything on my own.

Mentors give you guidance and courage to move on.

Mentors hold you accountable to make progress.

Mentors empower you to become the person you are dreaming of.

That's why I decided to invest into this idea.

Hire a mentor, and let them help me achieve my dreams.

So here I am, I hired my first coach @AlexLlullTW to help me build my Twitter community!

If you are struggling with anything in life, think about it.

Help is always there waiting for you.

You only need to ask for it and also invest into it. 🙂

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    Interesting, Jim, I didn't realize Twitter coaches were a thing! How is it working out for you?

    1. 2

      The common term they use in the industry is "consultants" but I personally dislike consulting cause it's generally focused on advice and not empowerment :)

      So far it's great! I started this week so it's a bit early to come up with conclusions but it really feels like the right thing for me so far.

      The idea is that Alex will help me to build a content strategy, explain me how to get the best out of Twitter features (threads, live etc), how to shape a community and discuss in Twitter instead of just publishing stuff and finally he will hold me accountable every week to actually do all these.

      Accountability is the most important for me. I want someone to push me and help me do it.

      Our goal with Alex is that in some months from now I will be independent and won't need him anymore. Which is exactly what coaching is about. Empowerment and growth :)

      1. 1

        That's awesome — I've hired coaches in the past and am starting a coaching program of my own; they're absolutely valuable. Wishing you all the best!

  2. 1

    Do you know anyone else looking to hire a twitter coach?

  3. 1

    You have 1128 followers, what ya tryina reach?

    1. 1

      My plan is to build an active community inside the Twitter and take full advantage of its features.

      Do webinars/meetups through its live feature, share proper educational content in threads, inspire and help people to improve on UX and also interact via DMs and replies.

      All these take time and lots of effort and that's where a coach comes into place.

      Also for the followers my plan is to grow it and treat it as a UX community that I help on a daily basis which is also very challenging for me since I am new to the social media world :)

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    <1000$? :o That makes my experimental group that paid $4 to enter my tw500 programme look silly 😂 Nevermind, I know what Alex achieved on Twitter and he sure has a lot of things to share.

    In case anyone wants some free alternative, feel free to check out

    No more personal mentorship, but the email course is still there.

    1. 1

      Haha 1-1 coaching always gets more expensive.. Your approach looks very nice as well! Just subscribed to check it out :)

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    This is a new job title for sure! I'm a big fan of if you don't know how to jump start something, just hire someone with more expertise to teach you. Learning is the best investment, then later on you learn the system and tactics, and do it yourself!

    This applies to SEO, to content creation, to Ads, to anything.

    1. 2

      Exactly! There was a podcast with the founder of http://egghead.io and he highlighted many times there that he focused on having good mentors to help him grow. That's where I got most of my inspiration on this topic.

      I like to think of my coach as my private teacher that can guide me and teach me the right mindset, without spending weeks on my own :)

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    Awesome idea Jim! I feel like I struggle to pull the trigger sometimes on intangible assets - courses, coaches, communities, etc.

    It’s hard to quantify the value, even though I know even one insight can make up for the cost.

    Anyway, excited to see some 🔥 tweets coming from your account.

    I’ve tried to invest more into twitter over the last few months; it’s definitely a long game, but a valuable one.

    1. 9

      Why is everyone writing a sentence a line.

      I'm confused.

      Is this what twitter turns you into.

      1. 1

        People read differently on the internet, particularly on mobile phones. They have small screens and short attention spans.

        Shorter paragraphs make long copy more readable.

        1. 2

          I was joking, but it's nice to know that I no longer need to force myself to write longer paragraphs for fluency.

          1. 1

            😂 good catch - indeed it's the 140 characters effect haha

        2. 0

          @tjones4413 - People on the internet have shorter attention spans than people who aren't?

          I don't think I'd characterize it that way at all. I don't think that's even close to being either accurate, or typical.

          There's a Mars initiative funded in no small part by virtue of ebooks flying off the proverbial virtual shelves at Amazon onto little smartphones belonging to people on the Internet.

          Perhaps in a medium such as Twitter where the content isn't really content at all, but rather, a quick idea or headline, yet the majority of content on the internet consists of actual articles exceeding a 3 minute read if comprised of much substantive value.

          Twitter is a great place to Trollbait for people with those craftily penned big idea headline teasers that link to content elsewhere - and that's where any real community and action happens... Elsewhere.

          It's the temporality of Twitter that gives it the power and utility which comprises it usefulness - as a stream of quick notions and announcements going by, alerting people to current relative content covered elsewhere (and just where those places are), all the while being pushed further down the funnel towards insignificance - it's also a great place to research for what was going on in the past with links to those items of interest.

          Kinda similar to those wall street ticker tape machines you see in those old movies. A playback record of something, somewhere else.

          In fact, I don't know that I've ever engaged the use of Twitter for anything more than looking for actual topical content elsewhere, or using it to draw interested parties to the places where that relevant, quality content or breaking news is being covered. Places where a couple of hundred characters is surely ineffectual.

          Twitter's pretty good for that once you get past all the cacophany of its spurious and hyperbolic commentators.

          I hope that helps


    2. 2

      Thanks a lot man! Yeap it's really an asset that has a very unpredictable ROI.

      Since I quit my job on June I realized my network is everything. If I do this right and meet the right people and help and inspire each other, beautiful things will happen in the end. And great opportunities will show up too.

      That's why I decided to go all-in, into it and invest money as well. This will also force me to take it more seriously :)

      1. 1

        Your enthusiasm has me really optimistic about the potential for your success in this endeavor.

        I do not, however, believe that anchoring the underpinnings of your business process upon an infrastructure that is not your own is actually a sustainable model, and would really recommend that you weigh and consider deploying at least part of your community's resources on your own, owned and hosted infrastructure.

        I think you can do very well garnering interest, initial participation and success from Twitter but the litmus test is going to be whether you migrate your core participant base to your own community resources.

        Giving those folks a home I do believe will reward you immeasurably - Twitter is not that, it's merely a marketplace.

        I wish all the very best for you and success in your endeavor, you leave me with the impression that you're a really great person and I would love to see you succeed.


        1. 1

          Thanks a lot for the advice 🙏 I totally agree on your point.

          This is something I am working on on the side and try to find the right way to do it for the next year. My goal is to build some kind of community platform where people will help each other (e.g. testing each other products) and receive weekly UX knowledge (e.g. repost my tweets there).

          A very great example of what you say is the paid community of https://bloggingfordevs.com/pro/

          My only concern and focus is to avoid creating noise and make the community super focused, practical and helpful. Because that's what I love in Twitter so much. The style and practicality of its content :D

          Finally thanks so much for your kind words and for sharing your thoughts :) I am more than happy to hope on a call, get to know each other and share our journeys as well!

          1. 1

            Oh thank goodness!

            I was concerned that your roadmap was to put all of your eggs into someone else's basket.

            You've got me really excited for you and I'm certainly looking forward to following you :)

            Kindest regards,



  7. 1

    Wow. I may be interested. The flurly twitter account is so small =/

    1. 1

      I would say start by following Alex, he shares some nice tips to get you started. And feel free to DM him if you need any help as well :)

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