I just launched my startup. This is my story.

Love this community. Let me know what you think I can do better. I really value your input and support.

Until then, say hello to PHANTOM. This is the story behind it 👇🖤


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    Any thoughts behind the logo/wordmark, and putting it so prominently on the cover?

    I really like the product, thinking of ordering it - but the religious/freemasonry symbol got a little too much of a cult-vibe for me to have it on display. :)

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      I appreciate the feedback! I'm proud of the brand, it's designed for individuals who are tired of cookie cutter brands and genuinely want to 'reject the ordinary' and own a product that is really well crafted and they love using. Nike use the tick logo and "just do it" - it's not that much different.

      Here's an example from one of our first customers: https://twitter.com/Joanwestenberg/status/1436175190489067561

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    Great story. Totally inspired me to start something for myself! Keep pushing Alex

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      Thank you my friend, everyone starts at zero. The most important part is starting!

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