September 10, 2020

I just made my first Dollar💵


So two weeks ago I launched
This is the first project where I didn't lose all motivation on the 95% line and I somehow were able to launch it.

It's a webapp that removes the background of your images. You can then download the image in OK resolution or pay 2 dollars for the high resolution image. The webapp itself went kind of "viral" on reddit with 500 upvotes in one subreddit which drives 150 visitors on my site daily.

I just checked my stripe account and saw that someone bought the high resolution result. 2$ sound like nothing and they are compared to the work that this project consumed or even compared to the server costs. But it feels kinda good anyways😁

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    Congratulations! It doesn't sound like nothing. The first sales must be celebrated it!

    We know how much effort we put until reach the point of having something to sell.

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    Just curious, what do you think was the contributing factor that made you not quit with this project?

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      It helped me a lot to have a very shitty version up and running and receiving some constructive feedback on how bad it was on IH and reddit. This was my first version:

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    Congratulations. It will bost your motivation for sure.

    These days I notice that I as struggling A LOT to find images with real alpha channels.
    I'am mostly using google images to search for icons, logos, etc. And there's a lot of images that is a jpg with the alpha channel squares draw - which is useless -, I would say that is these images are 90% of the results that I found.

    So, I just started wondering if there's some service that removes the alpha channel or extension that just omit images with no real alpha channels from results. As the squared pattern is pretty clear, I think it should be easier to remove than a generic background.

    But, probably I just dont know the right place and how to search for png images haha.
    Yeah, just a idea for you, that is already doing something similar.

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      Sure if you search a generic icon or something you will probably find them with an alphachannel:)

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    Congratulations. It's important to celebrate the little wins and allow them to build momentum.

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    Interesting, which value do you think you add against ?

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      Simple minimalistic design without an unintuitive paymentstructure

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    I'm working on some image processing myself for a feature on one of my projects, and I had to detect an image's foreground and background. Technically speaking, how did you implement this? I've used Otsu's thresholding method, curious to hear if you are using something similar.

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    I wonder how you are going to compete against many other services doing the same?

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    That's great. Would you mind to share what technologies you're using for this?

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