I just made my first $ from a side project! 🥳

This morning I released Codewell to my waitlist and I just got my first paying subscriber an ~hour ago!

Can't quite describe the feeling but it feels like a lot of pressure has been lifted off my shoulders. I can't wait to grow this out even more. The building in public community has been such an inspiration over the past few years!

Here's to more!

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    This is just the start! Congrats. :)

    1. 2

      Thank you — I hope so!

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    How did you drive traffic to this site to build a waitlist?

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      I posted a sneak peak on Reddit that hit the front page, got most of the traffic from there!

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    Congrats. More to go 🚀🚀

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      Thank you! Super exciting to have validation!

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    That's huge! I'm now also waiting for that to happen on smol.pub.

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    Dude, that's so fucking sick! Congratz!!!

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    Congratulations !
    Did you make the vector illustrations by yourself?

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    I went on Codewell to have an insight on the product... from what I've seen, you shouldn't have to wait too long before getting lots more paying subscribers.
    Congrats for the release and best of luck for what's to come! :)

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    dude, your website looks insanely useful. Nice job!

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      Thanks, I really hope it helps out beginner developers!

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    Amazing stuff, well done bro!

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    Liked the idea that you can edit real design templates instead of something dummy.

    Good work

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    This is my first day on IH and seeing something like this is so inspiring! Congratulations! Do let us know how it goes.

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      Thank you and welcome to IH! You're gonna love it here, the people are so supportive and the community is always supportive!

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    ربنا يفتح علينا و عليك

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    Congratulations! Any specific reasons why you chose a .cc domain? Quite original

    1. 1

      Thanks! Unfortunately I thought of the name first before looking at domain availability, .cc was the only 'good' option available!

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    Wish you all the zeros of the world after that digit! Congratulations! :)

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    Narrator: It wasn't the last $$.


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      Thanks for the vote of confidence!

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    Congratulations, @moeminm! The feeling is awesome, right? Such a buzz. Wishing you all the best going forward :-)

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      It honestly is, can't quite shake the feeling off just yet!

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    Congrats on starting and getting your first customer! now you have one more customer than me :)

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    Congratulations! Such a great feeling! 🙏

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    Congrats! Can't wait to see what's next in store!

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    It looks great! I wouldn't be surprised if this grows considerably!

    One question: I know it took you 3 months (1 designer + 1 developer) to get this out there. May I ask what tech stack you're using and how much time you both devoted in a daily basis during these 3 months?

    1. 1

      Thank you!

      I'll have to ask for the tech stack since i'm not sure, but I think it depended, there wasn't really a set time of hours we worked each day, we just tried our best not to burn out!

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    Lovely website! Keep up the good work

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    It looks useful and something I could benefit from right now. It would be nice if there was a solution (a high-quality solution) to every challenge though.

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      Thank you!

      I find that there's no one-size fits all solution, everyone's going to come up with different solutions and I feel like that's what makes you grow as a developer!

      Food for thought, though!

      1. 1

        Although I agree, until your website gets more users submitting high-quality answers, solutions from the author would be helpful (maybe offer it only to premium users?). Plus, you probably already have the solution so there's not much additional work.
        Either that, or some sort of feedback on the submitted solution (this one's for premium users or added charges for sure)

        1. 1

          I actually don't have the solution at hand! Definitely need to sit down and think it through. Thanks for the suggestion!

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    This is a good start, congratulations, buddy

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    Congrats! @moeminm
    I totally feel you. I launched my digital product 2 weeks ago and I was relieved when I got my first sale.
    All the best!

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      Thank you! It's a great feeling, congrats on the launch and good luck!

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    Congrats. More to follow, keep at it. :+1

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      Thank you Borjigin!

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    It feels super good to have people seeing the value of your product. Congrats!!

    1. 1

      It honestly does! Thank you!

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    Hi, Congrats. Just curious to know how much time did it took for you to create this product from scratch and what was the team size? Thanks

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      Thank you! :)

      Team of 2, developer and designer. Took us around 3 months!

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