I just released my no-code SaaS product - show some love?

Website - https://launchweb.me 🚀

A bit of a back story -
As a UI/UX developer, I work on creating a lot of websites. Soon, creating and maintaining these websites from scratch was a pain so, I shifted to no-code tools.

Having used almost all the no-code website builders, I noticed that; they were a lot difficult to use.
You either had to watch a ton of tutorials to understand them or hire an expert to build a website for you. Both of which cost you time and money.

Moreover, if you are not a designer or a coder, you will have to buy a website template, which again does not come cheap. And you will also have to pay the website builder's subscription charges.

So I created Launchweb to tackle these problems.

  • First, our editor is simple to use. You need not watch any tutorials to understand it. You can directly jump in and start customizing your website.

  • Instead of choosing a whole website template, Launchweb offers templates of different sections on a website. We have templates for ABOUT, PROJECTS, BLOGS, CONTACT US sections. You can use these templates as building blocks to create a unique portfolio. Kind of like lego 😄

Launchweb is currently in its initial stages, but it can do the job for you. I am constantly working on improving the user experience & adding new features.

Please do try it out and let me know what you think of it.

P.S: I will be building this in public and will be sharing my journey on Twitter. So do give a follow if you are interested.

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    Congratulations on the launch.

    1 thing you should consider is removing the signup field after clicking 'Get started' and let users immediately play with your app.

    Let them create an account when they would like to save their design/publish their creation.

    This approach worked wonders for Carrd! :)

    1. 2

      Wow, that's a piece of solid advice. People are actually bouncing off from the signup page and I was wondering why :D This could change a solution for that. Thanks a lot man, really appreciate it. :)

      1. 3

        Glad I could help, good luck! :)

        1. 1

          How is it going? Seeing better results already?

  2. 2

    Congrats on the launch! I'm agree with DonOlle, it would be super cool to play with features directly :)

  3. 2

    Dope! what no code tools did you use to build your site

    1. 1

      Oh, I think you are mistaken. My SaaS product IS a no-code tool to build portfolio websites. I can see now how the title might've misled you :)

  4. 2

    Very cool idea! I haven't used many website builders but the idea of having templates/structures for different sections of the website is a really cool approach. Looking forward to updates here.

    1. 1

      I am so glad to hear that! :) Thanks

  5. 2

    Congrats on the launch! It's the era for no-code tool !

    One suggestion, the video in the How it works seems like not in right ratio ( maybe keep height 300 pixels and make width go auto could fix )

    Also, I believe it could have more conversion if user could play around the powerful no-code editor without login.

    Great job for taking the first step, wish all the best :)

    1. 2

      Thanks! Fixed the ratio. Yes, conversion is a bit tricky right now but I think the suggestion by you & @DonOlle should solve it. I am working on it rn, should ship it by this weekend hopefully.

      Thanks for taking the time out and checking it though. Really appreciate it :)

  6. 2

    Congrats on your launch. More wins on the journey

  7. 2

    The site looks great! Well done. Just a couple of items: 1. Your USP does not stand out in the above-the-fold content. 2. The 'Free' should be high up in the content, as it lowers the barrier to try and use the product. 3. Suggestion - Can't you make a table of how launchweb is better and priced lower compared to its competitors? 4. Minor - On the carousel, when I clicked until the end it did not cycle back to the first slide. I have not used the product yet, but will make some time and give more feedback.

    1. 1

      Thanks a lot for the suggestions. I've been meaning to look into the comparison thing, which I think will help the users to understand it better. I should also be looking at the content placement as well.

      A week ago, I was only shipping features but now I have so much to look into. Content, Marketing, User Experience, and whatnot... I feel like I've learned so much on Launch Day itself :D Appreciate your feedback and open to more

      1. 2

        100% agree with you about how much you learn during Launch Day. During and after launch day, its like you suddenly start to see so much more things that needs to be done!

  8. 2

    Congrats on the launch!

      1. 2

        I'd be glad to offer you a free access to my database of summarised growth strategies to help take your product off the ground, if you are interested.


        1. 1

          Thanks, man! I would love that :)

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