I just updated my LP - would LOVE your feedback :)

Hey everyone,

It's been a while since my beloved LP has had a good roasting!

My product is a Customer Discovery tool for startups, so some of you will likely fall within my target customers, which is even better :)

I'd appreciate your feedback on the page, primarily including your understanding of the value proposition, general design etc...


Thanks in advance!

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    • The sign up button in the header is lost since it doesn't contrast enough. Why is the sign up button in the hero a different colour to the one in the navigation? Make sure people know green is your call to action to make it stand out.
    • An animation on hover usually means the user can interact with an element, but your USP grid (community/workspace/marketplace) don't really do anything.
    • I think it might be the cloud graphics on the right side, but something is causing the page to have a horizontal scroll.
    • When using the mobile menu, it felt odd that there wasn't a cross to close out the menu, which is a common design pattern. If you rely on the user clicking to the left to close it, they could end up clicking a video or link by accident leading to frustration (ie. Open the menu, then click the video area to close. The video plays but the menu doesn't close).
    • The 4 steps don't work well on mobile. The steps fixed to the top take up a lot of the viewport. A better solution would be to keep the dots on the left as you scroll down, but put the titles inline on each of the steps. Also if you scroll too fast the animation doesn't have time to load, so sometimes you only see part of the image, or nothing at all!

    You have a nice looking site overall with good content. Just a few things I mentioned above would help it to improve. I hope that helps!

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      Thanks I really appreciate your feedback! :)

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    It's straight forward., great job.

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      Thanks I really appreciate your feedback! :)

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