I launched a newsletter for Indie Hackers!

Hi IH!

Today I launched a newsletter! I came up with the idea for a highly-curated, bi-weekly newsletter, focusing on design and tech. Twice a month, receive 15 inspirational links from creative makers, projects, apps, tech and more.

I designed, built, and launched the project in less than two weeks and now building a subscriber base before the first issue goes out!

Why? Just like most of you on Indie Hackers, I'm a creative working on endless side projects. I realized I collect a TON of awesome resources from design, tech, & startups. I wanted to share this inspirational content in a bite size format sent directly to your inbox, for free.

Check it out and let me know your feedback!🖖

👉 https://3by5.club

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      Yes! I'll definitely add that once the first one goes out :) Thanks

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