I launched my app on ProductHunt and its #3

Hi Indiehackers 👋

I am Indie maker. I made this app on side of my job mostly working in nights and weekends. My first product failed miserably. I hope you like it.

I launched it on ProductHunt and it's currently #3.

💫 Why I made this?
I was addicted to social media and watching 10-12hrs of youtube. At one time I could not even focus on few tasks for several minutes. Social media give us instant dopemin hit and trained our brain to distract every few minutes which leads to unproductive behaviours.

Unplug combines powerful cognitive techniques to optimise focus:
🚫Blocker: Blocks distractions
📆Planner: Remain focus on whats important.
✅Kanban: Keeps you informed about your progress.
⏳Pomodoro: Increases concentration immensely.
🎵Music: to help improve cognitive performance.
💪Get Motivate: by getting positive feedback loop and keeps you motivated.

💪Why Unplug is different?
Unplug is not just a blocker but it provides a positive feedback loop which keeps you motivated. Unplug celebrates 🥳 small wins 💪 which accumulates to big achievements 🏆. Unplug provides positive dopemine hit ⑁ which helps to heal social media addiction.

Please checkout on producthunt and It would mean a lot to have your support.

Thanks a lot.

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      Thanks a lot 🙏 I could not believe.

  1. 2

    Nice product and I love the fact that you built it to solve a problem that you’re having.

    It’s similar to why I created The Creator Productivity System.

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      Thanks for feeback. 🙏

  2. 2

    Congrats. Upvoted :)

    1. 1

      Thanks a lot. 🙏

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    ah, I couldn't figure out who else shouldn't be a user of this. Infact you can market it to every niche, almost on any platform as well.

    Hey @skwasan, post it on relevant subreddit groups buddy. On r/startups they would be starting the next month (June) startups megathread. Post it over there. There are many other subreddits you can make a post about it. DM me if you're interested in the list.

    Upvoted on PH. All the best for your launch. 😊

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      How to DM you? Your twitter don't have DM enabled.

      1. 1

        Hey noted that now only. Thanks, I have enabled the option now.
        Sent you an email with some places that you can definitely get some laser targeted signups/installs.

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      Thanks a lot. 🙏

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    I'm addicted to YouTube as well. Hope this helps me break that addiction. Thanks for building this product!

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    Great job. Looks good - just upvotes. Did you do any list building prior to your launch to enhance its ranking?

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      Thanks a lot 🙏
      What's list building

      1. 1

        Im guessing that’s a no then lol

        List building is when you collect emails in advance of your launch so that when you put your product on product hunt, people are ready to upvote and comment on your post to help build momentum

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    Congrats! and good luck!

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      Thanks a lot @vicjicama 🙏 Your support means a lot.

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    Congrats.. Already upvoted.

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