Community Building September 15, 2020

I launched my community last night.

Ryan David @RyanDavid

I launched my community last night and have had 7 sign up's so far. It's a community that's specific to Australians interested in FIRE.

I already had some related communities that I sent the launch out to which helped. Otherwise, I am yet to do much promotion.

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    Hey Ryan, congrats on shipping. I'm your target market!

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      Me too! I follow both Mustachians Australia on FB and r/fiaustralia on Reddit. Good luck!!

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      Hey Chris, thank you. If you want to check it out at all it’s - i’ll keep updating on IH.

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    Congrats on your launch. How do you plan to attract users?

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      Thanks, at this stage through content, will also reach out to some FIRE bloggers for awareness.
      May experiment with ads but not confident it would work.

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    Nice, I like the FIRE movement, though don't really participate directly with any communities.

    What are you using to build community?

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      Oh sweet, I’m into the personal finance side love a lot of the principles and think it can be really helpful.

      Created an online forum, there weren’t any for Australia.

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    Good luck :)
    The site looks nice!

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