I launched my product's (micro-invest dot io) MVP in 2 days! AMA.

Hello there,

My name is Mohd Danish and I'm from India running a company(NoCodeAPI.com) in Singapore.

Lots of founders say that you should do market research before building products but I make MVP in days and launch to see market fit.

Today I launch a product called micro-invest.io and launched it on ProductHunt.

I make MVP in days and launch to check product validation. In 2 days, from idea to launch.

So today, AMA.

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    For a startup worth, let's say, just $2 million pre-seed, $20k will barely be worth 1% of the future company. Is any of your solo investors ok with this?

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    This product will really help! Followed you on twitter.

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    How many PAID investors signed up so far?

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    Saw your previous IH post announcing this, good job launching & validating so fast! I'd like to know how you manage to do that so fast? Do you use Html, CSS templates, serverless platforms? What's the key for you to code & deploy so fast?

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