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    Interesting topic. Good luck.

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      Thank you! 🙏

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    Looks good, I subscribed. You should probably make people confirm their email though.

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      Thank you @Smol!

      There is a big debate between single and double opt-in, I had looked for example at this article and couldn't make a strong opinion

      At the end I sticked with the default option on Substack, that is single opt-in.

      Have you any experience with this?

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        Not really, in that I have not run a newsletter. But I think it's a false dichotomy between single and double opt-in - anyone can type/paste any email address but only the owner can confirm it. I don't know which email provider you use (if any) for for AWS SES to grant me non-trivial send rates I had to document in detail how I was not going to send junk email. Emailing only confirmed emails was a basic requirement, and they probed much further than that. And if your reputation drops below a certain degree, they'll suspend you in a heartbeat.

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