I lost SEO for a few weeks and the results were noticeable AKA an evidential anecdote on the power of Google.

Around mid April-ish I decided to invest in Songbox and bought songbox.com.

Since launch my platform has lived on the domain songbox.rocks and on this domain it was winning handily at SEO for me. Very relevant search terms were putting Songbox in the number one slot; even beating out big players like Soundcloud.

When I started the process of moving songbox.rocks to songbox.com, losing my SEO was a primary concern. However I knew what I was doing and I implemented everything correctly, so... in Google I trusted.

Anyway as expected, Songbox fell off the map for those relevant search terms. And by "off the map" I mean down to position 5 or 6.

So to be clear - still on page one. Just down to position 5 or 6.

That drop from position 1 to position 5 or 6 led to a 42.9% decrease in organic traffic to Songbox.

So although people covet being on the 1st page of google, I don't even think that's enough. To me it seems like if you're not in that top spot then you're in trouble.

Thankfully, this morning I'm back on top, as if someone flicked a switch somewhere and I've noticed the difference in traffic and signups already.

Happily my trust in Google was well placed. Doing everything right all my SEO juice transferred to the new domain. It took about 3 weeks.

Now... onwards.

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    Interesting! I moved as well a nice-performing domain at one point and... to my surprise, it was actually frictionless. No traffic lost, and you wouldn't even spot it on the chart of viewers

    Was v curious when I read the title. Glad it all turned out fine for Songbox! (which I keep seeing around, so congrats for marketing it properly 👀)

  2. 1

    Hey Mick, Happy to see you got the rankings back, IMO rankings get back after user engagement signals are passed back onto google via chrome etc. Don't worry you are going to sustain them moving forward :)

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    Hey Mick, any specific keywords you're trying to rank for? I tried a combination of keywords and they all rank you top 3 - so idk what you were trying to rank for :D

    1. 1

      Not really man, just anything to do with sharing music / audio privately and securely.

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    Gives me hope. We're in the middle of migrating domains but haven't recovered rankings. Aside from 301 rds and submitting the domain change in Google Search Console, what did you find the most effective for recovering your position?

    1. 3

      Well I did that for sure but I also went back around product hunt, indie hackers and other places songbox was mentioned and changed as many of the links as I could find to the new one.

      Dunno if that helped but it surely didn’t do any harm.

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