August 1, 2019

I’m building a new blogging platform

Hernán Sartorio @hernansartorio

Hi, I just published a blog post announcing what I'm building—a new, simple blogging platform, called Bloggi. You can read the post below or check out the small landing page I set up for it at Let me know if you have any feedback.

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    Hi Hernan! Have you seen Proseful? Good luck with your project!

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      Hi Andrea! Oh yes, I just saw it a couple of weeks ago. Honestly, it's so similar that had I seen it earlier when I was doing research I probably wouldn't had carried on, but I only saw it when I was already deep into development.

      Still, there are few differences with the approach I'm taking so I figured I'll just launch it and see what happens.

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    This actually sounds really good. I've had the same idea for a couple years - building a simple text-focused blogging platform (probably flat-file based) without the bloat, user-unfriendliness, and general expense of other options like WP or Ghost. However since I'm a crap developer, this has never gone anywhere. However I'd really be interested in learning more about your feature set.

    My ideal application would include:

    • easy deployment on all sorts of servers including Apache (many clients just have shared hosting)
    • flat file support for those who would rather use SQLite, JSON, txt etc
    • ability to self-host for free on your own domain
    • simple, minimal, and lightweight
    • SEO features (meta & titles easily edited on each page)

    Check out Statamic, which I think is a bit expensive, but I'd rather pay a large one-time fee than an ongoing monthly amount for something like a blogging platform.

    I'm curious what your business model would be?

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      Thanks! For something file based, check out

      I think I saw Statamic, too complicated too for my taste.

      I'm building it as a centralized platform, and will charge a cheap (probably starting at $19) yearly subscription.

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        $19 per year? Charge more! At least $9 per month!

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          I know hah, maybe later, features will be very limited at first.

          I'm kind of following the formula of Carrd, which starts around that price. Plus, it's just serving text over the internet, the cost isn't very high :)