I’m nobody. AMA

So yeah, AMA

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    How did you get to be nobody and did you ever aspire to be somebody?

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      Yeah I always become the person behind the show, i never get any appreciation from people, but I enjoy my position

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        You sound like a person with a position of "Backend Engineer"! Welcome to my life :)

        1. 1

          That the position where most people not appreciate their hard work.

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    Do you have any books or paid courses that can help me become a better nobody?

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      Hahah I should make it, but because i’m nobody, no one will buy it :)

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    I just wanted to say, thanks for always being there for me when I was a kid.

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      sorry what do you mean ?

      1. 5

        I think the joke is that "nobody was there for them as a kid" which really makes me sad, sorry GP

        1. 2

          I get it now, I can feel it too

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    Hey, I couldn't find your Twitter thread on how you became nobody. How else are you gonna grow your audience and launch a Notion-based B2B bottom-up SAAS?

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      I will launch no code project :)

      1. 1

        in public using webflow and all its default settings so the website looks like every other SaaS? Also, having to do with crypto?

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          I will start with airtable, and create database of something and sell it on gumroad. Ah I can’t wait to make $10,000 in first month

          1. 1

            but only after you spend 6 weeks preparing to launch on product hunt!

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    Every nobody will some day become somebody.

    1. 4

      I’ll eventually have nobody when I’m cremated.

    2. 2

      Maybe in the future I can inspired someone to become like me :)

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    nobody from nowhere

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    Do you wish you were somebody? Or do you enjoy being a nobody?

    Also, are you some bigshot hiding behind an anon account running a social experiment?(that would be super cool btw)

    1. 2

      No, I glad became myself, I enjoy being a nobody, less weight in my back.

      Fortunately I'm not a bigshot who running a social experiment, I just a nobody with anon account to protect my real identity to stay nobody in real life.

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        Good stuff man(are you a man?) , well done👏👏👏

        1. 0

          well done for what?

    2. 0

      why would that be super cool?

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    If you could go back in 10 years to being nobody, what top daily habit would you recommend for someone that's new to the nobody space?

    1. 2

      My top daily habit is read news about how cruel our world and how dumb the famous people, and you will be glad to become nobody

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    How did you get your first nobody users?

    1. 3

      Hire somebody to find users

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    You might be a nobody but also creative/sarcastic 😛

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      I learn a lot from gilfoyle :)

      1. 1

        but gilfoyle wouldn't have replied

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    How do you cooperate with WFH? Imagine Silicon Valley; but totally remote - it would be ridiculous.

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      This pandemic force most company going remote, but I always working remote, so it’s not affect me to much.

      If silicon valley totaly remote, I think the real estate price in silicon valley will going down

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    If I drive at the speed of light and then turn on the headlights does anything happen?

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      Yes, your headlights will be follow you speed too. But don’t try it, you can be somebody in the news headline

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    If somebody gifted you a body, would be somebody?

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      Maybe, but I will be bloody for sure

      1. 1

        it depends on the precision of the transaction. I know a guy

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    Well, your'e definitely not "nobody".

    Got a whole community of builders and developers to talk about something so useless.

    Skills worth appreciating !

    1. 1

      Lol, thank you. Glad to become part of this community

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    How are you, mate? 👋

    1. 1

      I’m great👋 Thanks for asking, your story with fresher inspired me a lot, thank you

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    How much nobodies could a nobody know if a nobody could know nobodies.

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    Because you claimed being nobody, you've became somebody with 17 votes (at the time this message was written) on Indie Hackers. This is now your whole identity.

    So, how was the transition from nobody to somebody, and do you think it will decrease your mental health?

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      Oh no, did I became famous now ? maybe I should create second AMA. Honestly I don't expect much response from fellow indiehackers, but suprisingly it was fun to answer some the question which I think we have same sense of humor, and that good for my mental health, joking in between indiehacking.

      1. 1

        Well, you're more famous than me. I never had 17 votes and 28 comments. Does it mean that you're more somebody than me? I'm not sure. I've a picture! And a name! I'm famous.

        We shouldn't take life too seriously :)

        1. 1

          I bet next week no one will remember me :) I only have a name, maybe I should change my profile picture with AI generated face.

          1. 1

            or wait 10 years and become one with the AI (musk), instead of a paperclip (bostrom)

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    How much did you pay for the nobody.so domain? Did you have to wrestle a left handed Bulgarian gnome for it?

    1. 2

      I will sell all of my asset for that domain and fight left or right handed bulgarian gnome till death, because I will create notion.so competitor with nobody.so domain.

      btw, I love your articles "my chinese bambo startup" , It's relate a lot with me

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    Thank you for the question, I not expect to get many upvotes and fun question from you guys. Maybe this post will be featured in indiehackers newsletter ? I hope not :)

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    Haha...I love it! What were you before you were nobody?

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      same as today, I love it. I don't have social media account, not many friends, since I was young, I spend 90% of my time in my home, so this pandemic lockdown doesn't affect me to much

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    What do you think about crypto?

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      I not sure about the future of crypto, I don't like it when the price going up and down based on tweet by one person. Eventhough I have some crypto since 2017, but I buy it just to fullfill my curiosity

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    Why AMA why not DAMA (don't ask me anything)

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    How do you handle FOMO?

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      I learn this from warren buffet. Fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful. I may lose some opportunities, but also I can protect myself from a bad thing.

      1. 1

        protect yourself by the 'hoard then hunker down' methodology, it seems to work for some people. Or 'grab the bag and batten down the hatches'

    1. 1

      I love it, Honestly I don't have close friends who regularly hang out, I don’t have a social media, I spend my day with my project and family, it’s feel good.

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    This comment was deleted 2 months ago.

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    This comment was deleted a month ago.

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      What's semi retirement?
      Semi retriment mean I not in day to day operation again, became the person behind the show, even most of my employee don’t know about me hahaha

      Are those 2 exits happened when it's cool?
      Yes, we offered a good amount of money, so why not :)

      Best take away from those failures?
      Your ego will kill your business

      What would be the single piece of advice for wantrepreneurs?
      Protect your mental health

      You should create your AMA, because I like how your sense of humor but also create amazing thing like indiepost.

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