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I Made $8280 in March 2021

As always, I'm a tad bit late with this month's update.

As predicted in the previous income report, March was a record-breaking month.

I've earned $8280 working for two clients six-ish days a week. I've got a couple of people reaching out to me if I'm available for work but I had to decline them because I'm busy as it is.

I'll change up the format a little bit.

In previous updates, I'd try to break down everything I did for my clients but I've noticed that those sections are pretty thin so I'll replace them with tables that look like this.

| Clients | Invoiced | Hours Worked (approx.) |
| Client #1 | $4800 | 112 |
| Client #2 | $3480 | 58 |
| Total | $8280| 170 |

What Happened to Get Django Saas?

If you've followed my income reports so far, you'd know I work on my product that is a Django/Vue Saas Boilerplate since I've built a few Saas products in this stack.

Well, I've put it on a pause right now.

The combination of always working for clients and COVID restrictions is not playing nice with my motivation. Most days last month I'd wake up at 12, work till 9 and then go to sleep while watching One Piece (I'm on Wano arc so I'm almost done yay).

Luckily I didn't presell the product so there isn't any damage if I don't work on it again except for hours I've already sunk into it.

If nothing I've got a semi-functional codebase starter for my next project


These are difficult to track so I'll approximate it and try to keep it tighter the next month.

| Expense | Amount |
| Taxes | $1000 |
| Investments | $1200 |
| Software | $50 |
| New mic | $50 |
| Total |$2300|


For April, I predict lower gross income at around $7k probably due to Ramadan and me not being able to put in as much energy as in other months.

In total, I've made $8280 in gross revenue. If we take out $2300 of expenses, I'm left out with $5980 of profit.

I'm really rushing to put this thing out there so I apologize if it's not as detailed as previous updates.

I'd love it if you could give some feedback on this series. I'm always available on Twitter (@triforceOP) so you're more than welcome to send me a DM.

Until next month.

Adem Hodzic

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