I made a list of founder emails from recently funded companies!

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    I just wanted to say, great domain name.

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      Hahaha thank you, had to do it when I saw it was there

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    Just curious: Have you thought on re-writing some of these recently-funded press releases & publishing them on your blog & potentially getting into Google News? This could be a pretty good acq. channel source for passive users/customers IMO.

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      This is interestign. How do you go about this?

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        Well, just google: How to get included into Google news.

        Also when you write about a certain company getting funding, you have chances to appear when someone searches for that company on Google.

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    Nice idea, and the Elon illustrated made me laugh out loud 😂

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    What a great domain name and also the Elon avatar.

    Definitely a site I will remember for a while!

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    the links don't work on your funded company spotlight posts, fyi

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    Nice! Are you picking it by hand or using some sort of automated crawlers?

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      Fully automated crawlers! Custom built on a variety of sources

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    Interesting angle!

    Remind me of https://growthlist.co/ by Chris Osborne

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      That looks really similar! I think the main difference is that they do more stuff by hand whereas everything on our end is automated, hence the cost difference. Great product they're building too!

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