I made a list of the marketing courses and tools that are temporarily free to help with Covid-19

Marketing is hard and the COVID-19 epidemic is not making things easier for indie hackers.

Luckily, several businesses are offering their blogging, SEO or marketing courses for free to help startups and small business owners who are struggling because of the pandemic.

Here are the best courses I found:

Blogging for business – Ahrefs Academy

This awesome blogging course offered by Ahrefs normally costs 799 USD but is now temporarily free. It will teach you how to grow a successful blog and get more than 100k monthly visitors.

Considering how quickly Ahrefs themselves grow their own blog, this is definitely advice you want to listen to.

Moz Academy SEO course

Moz is offering all their premium SEO courses for free until the end of May.

Simply use the code wegotthis to get access.

Crush Your Content – Do You Even Blog

This course will teach you how to triple your productivity and write more content, something lots of bloggers may find incredibly helpful when working from home.

LinkResearchTools Associates

LinkResearchTools are now offering their online SEO training for free to support social distancing.

You will learn little-known linkbuilding strategies and earn a SEO certificate but also discover how to analyze your competitors’ backlinks and get access to helpful browser extensions.

Online Business Toolkit – Smart Passive Income

Smart Passive Income is offering a free online business toolkit including several usually paid courses such as Smart from Scratch, a course that will help you find your business idea.

Pat Flynn also temporarily offers the PDF version of his books Let Go and Will It Fly for free.

You will also find advice t work from home and lots of helpful articles.

Blue Array Academy

Blue Array is offering free access to their SEO training courses until the end of June with the code WeGotYouCovered.

This course will teach you the skills you need to reach the SEO manager level and boost your SEO career.

CXL Minidegrees

You can apply for a free CXL minidegree if you are out of work or if your livelihood was affected by COVID-19.

Blogging for Devs

This free email course by fellow Indie Hacker @momoko will teach you how to start a programming blog and use it to find consulting clients, find a job or get invited to speak at conferences. It focuses specificially on the skills developers need to grow a successful blog and walks you through all the steps.

Oppty by SEMrush

SEMrush is giving out free access to their lead-generation and prospecting tool to business owners who need help acquiring more leads.

I hope you found this list useful :).

I couldn't include links because I'm new to Indie Hackers but you will find links to each course on this page

  1. 2

    Great resource, Benjamin, and thanks for including Blogging for Devs.

    I also went through most of the Ahrefs course thanks to seeing your post, was quite good!

    1. 1

      You're welcome :)

      I went through Ahrefs course back when they released it a few years ago and learned a lot from it. It's very focused on using Ahrefs so it's best for people who use Ahrefs but there are still lots of great insights for content marketing and link building in general.

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