I made a platform to get all your static sites form data without a backend

Hey guys! So as an indie hacker, each time I launched a new project I found myself spending way too much time configuring contact forms, analytics, and conversion tracking tools, so I built something myself to tackle this.

This is what Rait on it (I'm proud of this pun) looks like from the inside
Raiton Dashboard

The point was to just copy the snippet into your <head> and let it do all the tricks. It recognizes forms and when one is submitted, it sends the info to your dashboard while still sending his GET or POST request. Also if the form had an email type input, it lets you contact the user with a click.

With this, I will no longer have to configure SMTP for contact forms or form events on GTM so it should bring down a little my dev time.

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    Nice - I released something very similar about a year ago, and to be honest haven't had much time to nurture it. However, as someone who spins up static sites farely frequently it's a pretty useful tool to have for oneself.

    I initially went down the route of adding custom integrations (like email/slack/SMS notifications on form submission), but in the end settled on Zapier - it provides 90% of what my clients want without me having to build and maintain it. You might want to check out the same thing.


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      Hey Chris! Thanks for the feedback, likewise, I built this for myself but thought people might find it useful. For this kind of automatizations I agree zapier would be better, plus it has better standing branding.

      Goodluck to you too!

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    that is really neat.

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      Thanks John! Let me know if you find it useful (or useless for that matter!)

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    Hi Nicolas, I spent few minutes to feature your product on Product Startups


    Hope you like it.

    Good luck


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      Thanks Venkat, I truly appreciate it!

      I posted it on my twitter @CurtiNico, hope you can get some more views into your platform

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        That's kind of you Nicolas!. Please keep in touch.


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    Solid idea. Just last week had to quickly whip up some endpoints just for this purpose. That said-I wouldn't personally pay for it, but I bet a market exists. If you end up having trouble with pricing, might be interesting to try a "slow and free" tier (forms come in 10-15m), and a "fast and paid" tier (forms come in <1m) similar to Zapier and other usage-based services.

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      Thanks apmc, I havent thought much about the pricing, but since I'm offering a 30-days free I thought I could figure it out along the way. The zapier-like pricing is something I didn't realize before, could be promising

      How did you handle the endpoint stuff? I'm gonna start pushing analytics into the forms next to get a better grasp of each conversion (country, journey, etc).

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        Basically we had a static marketing site that we'd built and then migrated off Webflow and a dynamic API server. So I just had to set up an endpoint on the API server that would redirect you back to the appropriate place on the marketing site. And then also added a Slack integration so that all forms got piped directly into our Slack.

        That might be another feature that people would enjoy--being able to pipe forms to SMS, Slack, etc.

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          I actually never worked with the Slack API, mind to follow me on Twitter? Might have some questions to ask

          Anyways, thanks for the input, alerts on each form input is something I actually care about

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    This looks very interesting. Is there some documentation for this?

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      Hey Stephen, I havent done any documentation yet, but I'm writing a medium post about the journey fro inception to launch, if you drop me your twitter I can send it to you once done!

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