I made a ProductHunt copy, would you mind posting your product?

Hey all,

I wanted to create something with an AWS-based stack, so I threw together a ProductHunt copy, called ProductList.io.

I would really appreciate if you could post your product (Some extra traffic and free advertisement never hurts, right?)

About the tech stack and my experience:

Previously I was using a simple express API for the backend and I would just host it on heroku, however with all the hype around serverless I wanted to try it. The backend is operated by AWS Lambda (Node.js), API Gateway handling the routing, Users are stored in AWS Cognito, and the images are hosted on S3. I lost at least 3 days configuring everything, and even after that I found myself progressing slower than usual. Mostly because this area of web development was fairly unknown to me. In the end performance-wise I did not really notice any big improvements. I am sure with bigger scale, lambda functions could come in handy, but I feel like that does not happen overnight, and for indie projects I will stick to the old-school methods.

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    Just posted my product! Don't see it on the page yet.

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    It looks like a betalist front page with producthunt modal windows. My question is, why did you this site?

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    Very nice design. Added to my launching list for BlogAudio.

    Can you share any stats or is this website too new?

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