I made a spreadsheet for figuring out SaaS numbers (CaC, customer LTV, pricing, marketing spend)

Hi 😊 I’ve put together a spreadsheet to crunch Software-as-a-Service numbers, including customer acquisition cost, customer lifetime value, yearly revenue, and what you should spend on advertising. I’ve also included some numbers for what kind of return you can expect if you invest in brand, web & marketing strategy for your SaaS. Enjoy!

Here it is: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13zIWnULm8UH0GLT6f-rBxAwAfb4esKnTDglPvkxP7Lc/edit?usp=sharing

Go to File » Make a Copy to make an editable copy for yourself.

And here's a video of me explaining how to fill it out:


Lemme know if any thoughts.

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