I made my first 0.81 cents online 🤯

Hi again,

After posting the Database of Startup Resources here the other day, someone graciously donated $1.00 and has been downloaded 116 times. Woah... I am not sure who donated but thank you. Although it's only 0.81 cents after fees, it made my day!

I like this feeling, the feeling of creating something that provides value. Value is often something I struggle to achieve because what I find valuable to others may or may not. I thought about its delicate balance for a long time. Often trying to push out ideas in different areas trying to find that balance I speak of. I think I found it.

Anyhow, creating something that others find value in is addicting and, honestly, is so rewarding.

Thank you to all who have taken the time to get the resource, and thanks to whoever donated. Today is a day I won't forget.

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    The first payment is a big thing, no matter the amount! Good job! On the plus side, you will have 2 big moment:

    1. the first payment you receive (DONE)

    2. the first dollar you make with your project (TO COME)

    1. 1

      Hey, thanks Mickael! It seems surreal even though the amount is minimal, it feels great.

      Anticipating #2, but when it comes it comes. At this stage helping out others is what is most rewarding for me.

  2. 1

    Big moment! I totally understand that emotion when you realise you are adding value to someone else.
    Keep up with the project!

    1. 1

      Thank you very much! I will def keep it going.

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