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I made my first crypto buy-alert Twitter Bot

I started this bot 7 minutes before Elon Musk tweeted how bitcoin mining is costing the environment though 75% of miners use renewable energy and after that tweet bitcoin lose 2400 USD within minutes.

Although it wasn't good timing but I went with it as high volatility in the market is good for testing bot accuracy.

What it is all about ?

  • So I started my Twitter Bot that post every 2 hour.
  • It post a chart with buy marker(low risk point of buying crypto)
  • Provides a opportunity to buy XRP or Ripple (https://www.binance.com/en-IN/trade/XRP_USDT)
  • It also post the datetime along with the
  • It gives an opportunity to the buy the dips for XRP.
    -Don't reply on it as I am still testing it.

Technology Used

Do check out my bot and follow it

The Future

  • I am saving the data so the bot can be optimised.
  • Creating a dataset for my machine learning projects.
  • I am working on another bot that takes multiple crypto pairs.
  • Sending out buy-alerts in Telegram.

Feel free to ask any questions

Crypto is highly volatile and this bot is only for educational purpose.
You can lose it all investing or trading in crypto.

Thanks for your time

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