Ruby on Rails July 25, 2020

I make Rails screencasts showing how my 10yr+ business is coded

Jack Kinsella @semicolonandsons

I'm a solopreneur programmer who's recently filmed 15 screencasts showing behind-the-scenes of the production Rails app running Oxbridge Notes.

I wanted to do a few things differently to other screencasts

  • situate the code in a business context (e.g. I built a crappy looking admin area because customers don't see that area so why bother?)
  • focus on code force-multipliers (great tests & monitoring) so indie-hackers like us can buy ourselves enough to do the marketing
  • intersection of code and marketing - e.g. Two episodes are about my SEO strategies that have brought in millions of users.
  • show real production code (middling sized: 14k LOC) instead of toy examples

They're currently completely free


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