I need help!

So, the story goes like this...

I am a great fan of this community and I get a ton of inspiration from everyone here. I also love the great feedback that I get from some of you.

To get straight to the point, I need your feedback once again. We have a product that works (UI not to the point yet) and now it's the marketing phase. The landing page is a basic template with information about our product.

So my question is, would you prefer to have a product that works with a great UI or having set a landing page with more professional touches? To better explain my thoughts...

Product or branding first?
Does design matter in the first steps?

Let me know your thoughts... I appreciate every single comment.

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    Forget about design and focus on the customers.

    If you are solving a problem they will not care how it looks like. It is extremely easy to waste time on design.

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      So you mean I can focus on improving the product first and then design? If it is a product that works wouldn't be prudent to focus on design to attract more customers via a well-designed website or landing page?

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        I mean it probably depends a bit on what kind of product.

        But say you have a chronic back pain, and I ring your door and say I have a solution for you, a prototype, which looks weird, duct tape and all.

        I press it on your back and your pain is gone.

        Will you care how it looks like?

        From my perspective design is irrelevant as long as it is not EXTREMELY UGLY. But every customer will understand they are dealing with prototype. I would go and focus on the product, most definitely. If your customers will love it, you wont have difficulties getting new ones.

        Checkout first airbnb website or twitter one... fair enough, today everything is more polished, but still... back pain is back pain ;)

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          Thanks for this great info and advice. Will definitely keep that in mind for future decisions.

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            I am happy you are happy!

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