🐚 I Need Your Help! Landing Page Feedback

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    I would focus this on 1 or 2 pain points and that's it. I would also remove the scroll.

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    Here's my feedback:

    1. Your hero heading should describe the value your tool is providing. Keep it concise and try not to move towards storytelling.
    2. Try to involve navigation
    3. Product Demo screenshots never work. Animate them or cook up a cleaner design in figma or xd. Even if those demos aren't 100% what your real product is. Look at super.so and flowrite.com for inspiration.
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    You made 4 colours work really well on your site. Kudos, it looks good!

    1. I answered yes to all the questions that appear at the top but it was not clear how Omnimoney is the solution.
    2. The dashboard conveyed no meaningful information.
    3. The "Get Early Access" is too high up in the page. I don't know what your product/service is. So why would I give you my email.
    4. What is free in beta? You need to mention the features/services that are available in beta.

    Hope this helps! All the best

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    I really like the design of your website and the tagline at the top, it definitely helps summarise what you are providing. Since I'm needing to look after my finances more, and the design looked good, I put my email in.

    This may be just my opinion but I don't like needing to scroll down to find the main ways you help (i.e. quick review, envelope budgeting etc). See if you can put your selling points below, so once people are grabbed by the tagline, they can immediately see how you can help.

    Just my 2 cents :)

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    So what's the USP here vs the 20+ others in the space?

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      To be completely honest, this is something that I’m still trying to figure out. I built the app with “easy, simple, and holistic budgeting for Type A people”. With “Type A” people having the following qualities:

      • They like to plan for the future and know exactly how spending $1 today can affect their goals down the line

      • They typically build out their budget via spreadsheet because budgeting apps today don’t give them details debt repayment, savings schedules, and detailed financial KPIs that they like to keep their eye on

      • They value building systems over creating goals. They need an opinionated tool that helps them build healthy financial routines with the flexibility to tailor those routines to fit their lifestyle.

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    The landing page itself looks good but... I probably wouldn't sign up.
    I don't really see how it can help with improving my financial situation. Just knowing where money is going is probably not enough. I know I don't spend a lot but my budget is always tough because my income is not high and I don't see any ways to improve the situation except for to decrease my expenses or increase my income.
    So, it's not clear for me who is your user.
    A student? A pensioner? A worker? A small business owner?
    Which problems does it solve?
    How it helps to achieve financial goals?
    Answering these questions will help you to polish the message what is a bit vague to me.
    Good luck!

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    Here's the feedback that would greatly help me build my app.

    After seeing my landing page, do you want to sign up for the waitlist?

    What motivated you to want to sign up?
    Why didn't you want to sign up?

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      Liked the landing page, it loaded fast and I have a pretty clear idea what it is for.

      I didn't sign up because I'm not looking for any help with budgeting - which is always a problem getting direct feedback on your idea from IH, if members of IH aren't super likely to also be your target market (same goes for PH, Betalist etc..)

      Indirectly I would question how you intend to find your customers? Without actually doing any research myself I would guess personal finance is a pretty competitive niche in google search.

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