I need your help with choosing a name for my new project, here is a quick poll

Friends, I need your help with choosing a name for my new project:

"find the best designers, developers, and marketers that are recommended by your Twitter network"

If you have 30 seconds, can I get a quick vote below?

What name should I go with?
  1. flocktalent.com
  2. talentchirp.com
  3. flockfans.com
  4. flockpros.com
  5. Chirpconnect.com
  6. flockconnect.com
  7. endorsefly.com
  8. flockory.com
  1. 2

    I don't like any of these names, but I voted for flocktalent because of the word talent.

    That seems pretty key to what you're here, and I think using it in your brand will have long-term benefit and help you stick out among the thousands of other ambiguously-named Twitter-related startups out there.

    1. 1

      Thanks for your feedback. I agree, talent should be in the name. Getting a good .com is hard these days so it may not be the most favorable, but at the end of the day if the product is good enough, the name shouldn't matter. Hopefully I can make it a great product!

      1. 1

        Consider a different domain ending. My company is people.fish -- unique, and goes right along with our company name PeopleFish.

  2. 1

    They all see too long and difficult to read aloud. What about just Twalent?

    1. 1

      That's a good one too, I'll add that to my list. Thanks!

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