I offer 5 Facebook group/page analysis for a coffee ☕️ (Human Learning guaranteed)

👋 Hey there,

To help you dig in the interest of your target market/niche/customer segment, I offer an analysis for content (max 100 posts) on any public Facebook group or public Facebook page - (so that you can spend more time coding 😅) for a coffee ☕️.

➡️ If you are interested - you have to comment below, and I'll reach out on Twitter if you indicated it on your IH profile.


  • Offer available until the end of this WEEK for the 5 first requests
  • 5 4 available (EDIT on Nov 16th)

What you can expect

  • Human classification of posts by topics and subtopics (I'll do my best - I promise 🙏)
  • Pivot table showing the total of posts per topic/subtopic, an average of comments, likes, and shares
  • Raw data as a Google Sheet in this format
    pivot table

Why am I doing this?

I am currently doing it for the niche I am interested in (🛹), and I would like to stretch this muscle a bit - and give some help.

  1. 2

    Don't be shy  😊

  2. 1

    Interested ✋
    Can you do it for the Facebook group I just sent you on Twitter?

    1. 1

      Yep - got it!

      I'll send you back the analysis report by email (send me your email by Twitter DM) in about 2 days.

      1. 1

        I see the group is private - I just requested for accessing it -- that should not be a problem

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