I overcome Burnout πŸ”₯

😊 Last 9 months, i overcome burnout, anxiety & panic attacks
😍 I overcome it & now help others!

πŸ™ Thanks Twitter, Makerlog, Maker's Kitchen, Ramadan Makers & other Makers Community!

πŸ”Š Podcast: http://tiny.cc/wrfaez
✍️ Tips: http://tiny.cc/uufaez


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    Super important to talk about, well done for sharing Fajar <3

    1. 1

      Yes!!!!! omggggg, i'm glad i manage to ovecome it!!!!!!!!!!
      HAPPY TO MEET YOU ALL TOO. Thanks Danielle <3

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    Thanks for sharing. Just wanted to know how you realized that you (nearly) had a burnout?

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      Well at first, i was just feeling tired.
      Day by day is okay, then i felt more of stress.
      I started to eat loads of junk food, smoking more, eat unhealthy food
      Back then i didn't take care of my food intake so much.
      After stress it leads me to sudden panic attacks and anxiety.
      Because i got this on my mobile phone.
      I just lie down on my bed, i couldn't do anything.
      I feel pressured, because there is alot of things running in my mind.
      I had some issues with procrastination, fatigue and lazy.

      I met a friend to talk about it the whole night.
      I was nervous now and then, i was also trying to overcome it.
      I also fall asleep on my laptop. I realize i didn't exercise and etc.

      Sooner later after i got burnout, i found more communities online related to indie making and startup founders etc. Then i became more active and i love meeting new people. It was difficult for me because i was having anxiety.
      Months after months, many of community members like to share great words and give words of encouragement and great good replies. I started to believe this vibe and circle.

      Then later on this year, i got symptom of pre-diabetes (genetics due to family)
      so it was challenging, but later on i was changing my lifestyle.
      sleeping time, eat healthy food, workout and so many other things on day to day basis.
      I overcome burnout for months and also i change my lifestyle.
      Today i share my story to the community is important to take care your health.
      So it will have balance of your mental health. I was affected, i was involve too much in the work due to on going multiple/big projects i was handling in my business/company.
      Glad i found indie-hackers community too! I feel better now and back to work-life balance.

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    Thanks so much for sharing :)

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      Thank you Rosie!
      I made this podcast and shared some tips!!!
      Here's some.

      • drink loads of water ( 8 cups a day )
      • go out, away from your laptop/desktop for a day
      • walk in the park
      • talk to people: family, close friends and new people
      • be open, share about your goals with others, don't be afraid
      • go swimming, running, jogging, walking
      • have more time for yourself
      • when you rest, like sleeping more you will feel more relaxed
      • cut down or remove unwanted social media: especially notifications
      • eat your favorite food, reward yourself by eating healthy food too
      • travel short gateways with someone or love ones
      • take beautiful pictures, use it as memories
      • stop smoking, stop drinking alcohol
      • eat fruits and have balance diet
      • Compare your regular tasks with your job description
      • Pray to god, so it will purify your soul
      • Keep your to-do-lists minimal, use makerlog is very good
      • Important to change view everyday, not just on laptop screen
      • Inspirational/Motivation videos won't help that much, but you can try
      • Be more human, human, human.
      • If you have pets play with your dog, cat or fish
      • Do alot of deep breathing
      • Go to class, workshop, courses: pick up new knowledge even you know it
      • Look in the mirror and always look at yourself smile sincerely
      • Clean up your dishes
      • Water the plants if you have garden
      • Tidy up your bed
      • Clean your workstation desk
      • Clean the fan or aircon
      • Keep your room window open
      • Use white light
      • Don't forget to shave
      • Wash your face
      • Talk to makerlog community for support
      • Be patience, don't be angry
      • Do super little tiny task to big task
      • Re-check your short term goals and long term goals
      • Don't do anything stupid or super drastic
      • Laugh more
      • Learn something each day: cooking, reading book, write a blog, make video or take photo
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    Well done Fajar. I burnt out in 2017 and it was horrible - there were a lot of the symptoms you list below. Since then I take a lot better care of myself and life is so much better - I stopped drinking, I exercise, I eat better and I sleep enough hours. I find that if I put my health first my work and life improves. Good luck!

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      Thank you Ryan. Yes tones of symptoms and this hidden.

      1. Is in your blood you can't see it (you have bad blood you will get tons of this unhealthy things) - So eating healthy will fix many things.

      2. Yes drinking and smoking is bad, it won't help much either for our body.
        SLEEPING is so important, it will fix many things. Sleep on time, wake up early.

      3. So glad it improves for you!

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    Thanks for sharing! The tips list looks pretty good.

    1. 1

      You're most welcome, i do my best to share base on my experience
      I did research alot of information and i saw different opinions and views.
      But here are some takeaways and tip list to look at and we can improve our lives gradually.

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