Self Development November 11, 2020

I persist imperfectly, you can too.

Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry

I never have inbox zero.
I often don't get back to people.
I never go to bed before midnight.
I rarely get 8 hrs sleep.
I procrastinate.
I’m always running behind on my newsletter.
I usually consume more calories than I burn.
I often check my phone when I’m with my kids.
I don't follow all the optimal growth tactics.
I think about work and side projects more than I should.
My brain struggles with calendars, I'm learning to adapt.
I say yes a lot and with only some regrets.

Nevertheless, I persist imperfectly.

Originally from a slightly shorter version on Twitter.

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    Aaah, thank you Rosie for the soul food. 🙏

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    Honest self-reflection and iron-willed persistence = a beacon of hope in my book!

    I believe the phrase is:

    being real


    The grittier, the better.

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    This post comes at a good time.

    I realized over various attempts at making things and 'failing' along the way. I still continue and persist.

    Whether that means, starting over, or pivoting on an idea. I continue to persist.

    There is something to be said about being persistent it shows leadership, motivation, and endurance. Enduring whatever the result.

    Albeit nothing is perfect but if we can continue to persist, overtime, great things will happen.

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    Even persisting in itself is already an achievement.

    Perfection, particularly in entrepreneurship, is for the birds.

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    I needed this today - thanks!

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    just keep going!

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    Thank you for sharing, I feel identified with this post.

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    It's very good to be honest with ourselves. I sometimes find it hard to accept my flaws and be able to accept them. I think it takes courage to face imperfection and even to share it with others. I think you're very brave and thanks for sharing!

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    “persist imperfectly” is my new favorite saying for 2020 and beyond. It’s the best description of reality I’ve heard. Love it. Thanks for sharing. 👍✌️

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    Momentum is everything! Can't stop, won't stop! Make way...

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    Thank you for sharing such a beautiful post! The same struggles are with everyone & it's not just unique to yourself.

    I wanted to share some tactics that have been working for me. Please don't think of this as advice because it's not right to imply that I know more so follow me, & each situation is different, so what works for me might not work for someone else, but maybe some insight can be gained by sharing for one's own situation, and isn't the goal to just be better at persisting imperfectly.

    1. For all my emails, I use Superhuman ( & actually hit inbox zero for the first time in years. I have never enjoyed checking & responding to emails as much.

    2. For my personal health & wellness, I use Fitcy Health ( (full disclaimer, I'm the founder of this company & it may seem like I'm selling and that's not it, I'm actually getting a benefit from my service). We allow people to build a Personal team of Specialists (Specialists are therapists, life coaches, nutritionists, fitness & yoga Masters). All done in a cost efficient manner so it doesn't hurt one's piggy bank. I have a personal nutritionist & a life coach (with the added benefit that my life coach has a background in therapy) and have given them the challenge to get me into the best shape of my life, mentally & physically, so far I've been surpassing my goals.

    3. Calendars, I still struggle with this & have too many calendars, but just setting appointments in it with an alarm reminder 30 mins before the meeting usually allows me to be there on point.

    4. Work & side projects, my family recently told me that all I do is talk about work with them & this hit me like running into a brick wall. They laughed when I told them I never realized how much I talk about my work. I'm trying to have active conversation that are not work related & picking new hobbies (so far I go running twice a day)

    5. Checking my phone. I check my phone soooo much that I feel like my brain is deprived of getting dopamine hits from reaching long term goals & I want that hit quick & fast (I feel the movie, Social Dilemma on Netflix, really left an impact on me). Now usually dinners, meetings & first thing in the morning I'm not allowed to check my phone & leave it in a different room. (Full disclaimer, I sometimes fail at not checking my phone in the morning because of my phone is my alarm & sometimes I get carried away.) While working I use the app Focus Keeper, which is basically a 25 mins timer with a 5 mins break (i.e. the Pomodoro technique), and I'm way more focused when using that.

    I'm still learning & hope that we can all be better at managing our lives...imperfectly.

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    100% agree and go through the same everyday. Appreciate you sharing 🙏

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