Software as a Service January 22, 2021

I promised Twitter I’d be your first paying customer.

Dustin McCaffree @dustinm
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    I can imagine how many founders you'd be a huge moral boost to.

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      Thanks so much. It's been a blast so far. Just have to get through the list of 50 new products I'm using and give genuine feedback. That'll be the real test here. But the $ I hope is motivating as well!

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    This is so timely! I just have posted a comment on another thread about supporters. Would you be so kind to check and tell me what you think?

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    I'm hoping to do this again sometime! But for now, I have a little over 60 products to go use this month!

    I'll report back on how it all goes and will also have another thread where I give some public feedback.

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    Hi Dustin, thank you for this cool initiative! I launched a new blog called Gold Ink ( which uses writing to trailblaze change. Proudly created from #Africa, its vision is to build a community that challenges thinking, expands awareness, and widens angles of view.

    While I don't get sell digital products, I would love if you could support my writing through my Patreon, even if it is just for a month: You will see that I only have two Patreons so far!

    Thank you in advance!

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      Sounds like a great initiative. I'll check it out! Thanks, @ErykahY!

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    I'm not on Twitter, unfortunately - I hope I can share the link here? I have 0 paying customers.

    Avoid unnecessary chat by pinning links to Slack channels to field common or repetitive requests.

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      If you are building any product, you ought to be on Twitter. Trust me, you wouldn't regret it!

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        Oh dear, sounds like a rabbithole I need to get myself down...

        I've been studiously avoiding Twitter up until now for my soul - but if it's the place to be for this sort of business then I can't justify staying away

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      Yeah definitely get on Twitter, my friend! I hadn't been active for a few years and picked it back up just a couple months ago I think. I can't believe what I've been missing. It's the ultimate place for makers.

      I'll check our Preactive Chat and will see if it can fit in the budget still! I love Slack apps in general. Seems like this could save people some serious time in medium-large orgs.

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        Thanks Dustin! I think you've convinced me to get on Twitter

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          Do it! And then let me know so I can follow! 😊

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    This is cool Dustin, thanks!

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      Thanks so much! And appreciate the retweet! 😊

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    Even a better deal - you can use for free! We are currently in our beta stage 🤙🏽

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