I put "The Hack Stack" up for sale in Flippa

Not sure what this group should go in, but due to pressures in running SongBox as well as my dayjob and well.... life, I've put The Hack Stack up for sale.

It was a Product Hunt "Product of the Day" back in September and it's still getting traffic every day, albeit nothing like what it was getting in the weeks after its product hunt launch.

Anyway, if you know or anyone who's in the market for something that has potential but needs a someone to push it:


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    @Primer I'll take it off your hands! I'll email you directly.

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      Hey Tom I don't think I ever heard from you?

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    Good luck on the sale!

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    I heard good things about Flippa, but there's like this escrow aspect of selling a whole "business" that I don't know how it's going to work out (https://support.flippa.com/hc/en-us/articles/202469614-Escrow). Has anyone sold anything on Flippa before using the Escrow?

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      I've purchased things on Flippa before. Generally, people want you to be satisfied and will work with you to help you get up and running. That said, Flippa is primarily for aged SEO content sites - it's really not got a lot of profitable or unique businesses.

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      I selected PayPal as my method of payment (I doubt it’ll even sell). You don’t need to use escrow if the price is less than 2500.

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    Hey @Mick, very cool! I've heard of Flippa before. Why did you choose it over other product-selling services?

    I've been thinking of selling buildfaster.co and its templates but don't know if it would get attention. I've had a few indiehackers cold-email me asking if I was going to sell it so I thought I would give it a try.

    Thanks 🙏

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      Hi BraydenTW - rather than selling buildfaster, why not put the individual themes up for sale on an existing marketplace like https://themeforest.net/ ? At least you'd be getting some residual sales at that point and not have to worry about hosting the site any longer.

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        That’s true, but I am busy with other projects and would rather just get it off my hands.

        I might’ve misunderstood what you meant, but these are just my initial thoughts.

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      Hi Brayden. I read a few reviews and the general consensus was to "go where the buyers are" and it seems like the buyers are at Flippa... apparently. I'll let you know.

      You need to pay at Flippa which I think means only people with serious proposition go there, which in turn means a better quality of buyer will go there. So I think the above theory makes some kind of sense.

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        That's pretty true. Thanks for the info!

        I'll be sure to check it out.

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    (Moved it into Business for Sale)

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