I quit my job to start something I`ve always wanted to be a part of.

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    Hi Janet,
    I do applaud your courage, but do you have some leeway money? For like, at least 6 months?
    Also, the founder statement animation looks really bad -- IMO, you should make it a simple button, or maybe part of the top menu or something.

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      Hey, thanks for the feedback, It will be great If you can send us a screenshot of the problem with the animation, because we don’t seem to have it.

      Here is our email [email protected]

      About the money question :d We are not going to take any VC or Angel money if that answer your question.

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        That was not my question - my question is: how are you gonna get by until you become profitable?

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          Sure! Great question

          It’s going to be a free service.
          We are doing it to help our ex colleagues and to see if other people would get benefit from using it and how.

          After all this is the main goal for the validation stage of a startup.

          Sure we have some revenue models in mind, but it’s not on our roadmap for the MVP stage

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            But you still haven't answered my original question: how are you gonna get by? Do you have some money put aside until you become profitable?

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    I am using Mac OS X 10.13.6 safari and can't open the site. However, I can with Firefox.

    Regarding the site, can you elaborate more on what it is for please? I am trying to wrap my head around it, thanks.

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      Hey 👋 @shockwave
      We are figuring out the problem you had with the IOS browser opening, Thanks for alarming us about it👀

      So, we are cooking up a web-based platform with a social element for employees/ers who love their work and want to socialise around it with the help of their peers/colleagues.

      2 main checkpoints:

      **Backstage **- the place where only employees have access. They endorsе themselves about with whom they work on and on what project together

      **Universe **- the place where your work is visible for all (followers) you can share your Universe channel with people outside your organization, which could boost community around the work YOU do and the person you are.

      Also we want to help people use their Universes as their unique CV channels, and help them with their career development 🔥

      Our main pain points were:
      1- The LinkedIn fluff out there

      2- We don’t want companies to see employees as “the people who just do the job ” but as ThePeople who like their craft and create every day.

      Thanks for your question.
      Have a hype weekend 🤘🏼

      Have a hype holiday 😎🍻

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    Takes courage to do this. Kudos!

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      Tell me about it :D
      Yeah thank`s Grate, Kudos to you for supporting me 🍻

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