Self Development January 9, 2021

I quit my tech job to be an indie hacker, here's what I learned

Linda Zhang @lindaxyz
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    Incredible writing. Thanks for sharing!

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    Really fantastic read Linda - thanks for sharing! I wonder if this is a correct adjunct takeaway, but the read has catalysed the following idea for me: having a corner of my mind FOMOing about a relative lack of prestige in my CV - no Harvard or Bain - is secondary to getting out there and building a brand/following.

    Why limit your worth by only focusing on extracting the value from someone else’s brand, when it’s possible to create value by building your own one up?

    Please lmk if this is...slightly missing the mark of what you’re saying 😂

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      That's spot-on Terry :) I think most of the world has not yet woken up to the fact that value creation and recognition is more accessible than ever.

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