Landing Page Feedback January 19, 2021

I redesigned my landing page in a futurist style

Sam @Sam_insurgent

Hi guys, I'm preparing my PH launch and redesigned the landing page just in time.

  • How would you describe the vibe of the page?
  • Who do you think is the target audience?
  • Would you trust it? why?

Happy to hear your feedback on the copy and product!

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    Hi Sam,

    Here are my answers to the questions you asked:

    1. It gives the vibe of gaming, specifically the character building category.

    2. This is confusing and it is very hard to guess. My guess was that it is for people who want to save money. Going into the FAQ section it reveals that it helps keep track of your bank transactions and helps track financial saving goals. It is really an enhancement of the banking map for monitoring in a fun way. This needs to be highlighted in the hero section as people will think that it's a standalone app that helps set, track and achieve financial saving goals.

    3. The first concern of a visitor to Cash Coach landing page is credibility and security. You need to build that right in the hero section or right after it. The security proof section comes way after the features of the product. Bring it to top, tell exactly how many number of banks have been integrated or better use logos of popular banks. If your app has been featured in popular blogs. Use words that they have written about the app instead of just logos. The main focus of the landing page for this type of app that requires access to critical information should to be build trust and make the visitor comfortable.

    Hope it helps.

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      Thank you very much for your detailed feedback.

      I tried all the options you mentioned but nothing really worked. So in the end I decided to show videos instead. Is it any better?

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        Hi Sam,

        You made the right decision. The gifs are really interactive and share the experience of the app in a light way. It is a good uplift.

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