I redesigned my landing page to something completely unconventional/unprofessional

  1. 4

    Thanks! Finally 1999 is back.

    1. 1

      The best designed year of the internet. sadly i wasnt born

  2. 3

    Cool experiment, hopefully it works out for you lol

    1. 2

      are you kidding me. hes design is awesome

  3. 3

    The style is called "brutalism"... see here for more examples: https://brutalistwebsites.com/

    P.S I love it

    1. 1

      Raw and "undesigned". Amazing

  4. 3

    Oh heck yea!! Reminds me of the time I helped my friend design his own vaporwave portfolio. So much fun hahaha

  5. 2

    Love it - so simple yet complex.

  6. 2

    geocities, we need autoplay videos and audio, and bring back <blink> <marquee>

  7. 2

    The eyes at the end had me. Thanks for the experience

  8. 2

    Thanks, my eyes hurt now, but it was awesome.

    1. 2

      my eyes have been blessed forever

  9. 2

    Dude, I laughed so hard at this. I love it. Let me know how it goes

  10. 2

    Nostalgic... Reminds me of Geocities XD

  11. 2

    Interesting and nostalgic!

    Just curious, what was the motivation behind this change? :)

    [PS: Looks like nothing happens when i select 'landing pages' at https://straw.page/start Possibly a bug, or my ignorance too :P ]

  12. 1

    Well, I didn't expect such a unconventional design! Certainly, you are a brave person. 👏
    Did you get better conversion rates after the change?

  13. 1

    I do love myself a good "brutalist" site, but you're shooting yourself in the foot if this is the face of your product. It seems as though you focused 90% of your time trying to make it "look" different, and 10% of your time actually trying to sell your product. I think your ratio is probably off, but best of luck!

    1. 1

      i like the approach. now they should adjust it

  14. 1

    Good work. I don't like the design, but you definitely put a huge work on the dev!

  15. 1

    Hahaha that's nuts!

    Such a unique website 😮 Seems all over the place and a little bit too chaotic for my personal preferences though 😆

  16. 1

    The question is : "Why did you do that?"

  17. 0

    Well, yes, it's different but not different good imo. It's very painful for my eyes and closed it after a few seconds.

    1. 2

      I think thats the point. i think the eye bleediness can be turned down a little bit tho.

  18. 0

    it's different. it's also a complete mess. there's a middle ground.

    1. 2

      Yes, this should get solved. but I think it should still look messy and undesigned, but readable.
      Like you didn't try to make it look good. but you put a lot of work into it

  19. 0

    one thing is go and be different, the other one is to cave yourself a hole....

    1. 2

      its another thing to cave yourself into a beautifully undesigned hole

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