Landing Page Feedback February 14, 2020

I redesigned my website, what do you think?


Here's the link:

I didn't focus much on design initially, but I took some time this week to come up with something nice, and I'm happy with the result. Not perfect, but a big step forward from what I launched with in my opinion.

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    Hi @jgillich,

    I like your clean UI design, I especially liked the way you give developers an easy way to try your API directly, this could significantly improve your conversion.

    Few suggestions:

    1. Increase the spacing between features shown in API overview
    2. Also, increase the spacing between lines in Pricing for Basic and Pro

    All the best.

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    Overall I like the website. As a developer, I don't think knowledge base describes what the product is and you may lose some people. To me, it's a graphql utility belt of useful queries to make your life easier. Or maybe it's the Lodash of common API methods.

    Either way, looks good and cool idea!

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      I used to market it as a "swiss army knife" and people thought it wasn't clear enough. Utility belt is similar, it describes what it is but it's also a bit unclear. But I do think Everbase is also a knowledge base. It's a bit of both, a knowledge base enriched with utility functions. I'll definitely keep iterating on the messaging, thank you for your feedback!

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    Hi @jgillich,

    I'm curious why you use the term "knowledge base". Admittedly I'm not your target customer but that term has a customer support meaning. When I saw that I could super charge my knowledge base I was thinking some type of feedback loop software that would update based upon user feedback.

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      Hey, thanks for your feedback! You're right that knowledge bases are often used in customer support, but the term is also used in other sectors (Wikidata, my primary source of data, also refers to itself as a knowledge base).

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      My first exposure to "knowledge base" was studying AI back in the late 1990s. ;)

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    Looks nice, clean, simple IMO

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    I think the landing page is good and conveys what your software does (this could also be because I find your service intriguing and hence read with a bit more attention).

    Am I right in assuming that you provide email deliverability assessment free for the first 20k requests? If yes, I think you should highlight that more (maybe make it a separate product in itself?). Coz others charge a decent sum for a service like this. have a look at (found them on Landing Page Feedback recently).

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    The UI is nice. Having a demo on site is really cool. But it took me a while to understand what your product is offering.

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    Hey, I love the design and the fact that you can test the API. Though when looking at the landing page I don't understand what you are selling, and I am a Data Engineer, so could potentially be one client.

    Might be interesting to review the subtitle ("Our GraphQL API makes developers more productive") to something more explicit.

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    Looks nice. Good job!

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    Looks pretty clean.

    Does the demo work though? I tried it and it showed unexpected results:

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      That's interesting. The query uses your IP address to detect the country and it seems like the lookup failed. Does this page return anything? If no, it could be because you're using a VPN or another type of non-residential connection, I'm not entirely sure.

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        I am not behind a VPN, and yes, that page returns my IP and my geolocation (correct City).

        It shows an IPv6 address if that helps.

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          I'm using Geolite2 at the moment which isn't quite as accurate as the results on that site, but it's still surprising that it doesn't at least return a country. If you don't mind, can you send that IP address to [email protected]? Thanks!

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            I am not comfortable sending my IP, but I can say that I also use Geolite2-Country for a project and it correctly geolocates me based on both the IPv6 and IPV4 addresses.

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              Edit: Ok I've found and fixed the issue. The Netherlands didn't have a geonames entry on Wikidata that's why it didn't work. I also meant to implement a fallback but didn't do it till now. Thanks again for you time!

              I understand completely. I've located an issue with my ingress not working over IPv6 which will be fixed shortly. But it's still odd that it doesn't work with your IPv4 address. Could you please modify the query to return your address like this and check it's correct? Thank you very much! :)

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                No worries, I am glad you sorted that out :)