Lessons learned January 9, 2021

I sent hundreds of spam to my users.

Matthieu Chabert @matthieuchabert
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    That's a cool story and I am sure it happens more than we think. The good part is that you learned from it, and took actions to prevent it to happen in the future, that's what counts. Basically the "5 whys method".

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      Thanks for reading! That’s exactly the method I used to reflect on it. 😁
      It allows to get deep into the issue and find the real cause.

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    My local database has the same data as the production database

    This is most likely illegal in multiple countries and by multiple regulations. You shouldn't keep users' private data on your local machine.

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    Hopefully this will enlighten people who in another thread didn't seem convinced about how important testing is even for an MVP. BTW "My local database has the same data as the production database" sounds risky too.

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      I think it leads to unpredictable situations when the data you're working with is out of sync with the production database.

      But you should have safeguards that prevent sending emails to users while in a dev environment for example.

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    Just a normal email. 99% of my inbox is that. 😁

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    Long story short.

    A misconfigured SQL request led to me sending hundreds of emails to each user instead of just one per user.

    I wrote an article about why it happened, how and what I have done to fix this.

    Any thoughts are welcome 🙏

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