I sold my side project

Sometime in 2018 I built a sponsorship solution for niche creators called Intravert.co. It was a great experience and I ended up talking to publishers not only in my own bubble, but people working on knitting blogs, auto traders, travel blogs and much more. It was a solution that everyone needed.

I had a little bit too much on my plate: A stressful day job, another project (mentorcruise.com) which had enough time requirements of its own, and always the next big thing in sight. It led me to forget about the Intravert thing a little, and revenues showed that.

This year, I decided to refocus on a smaller but more short-term profitable set of ideas. I went out to seek a new owner for Intravert, a site that hundreds of publishers still rely on, and found Neil Lobo.

Happy to pass the torch to Neil, and have him bring Intravert to the next level.

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    Congrats on the sale, hopefully this gets you the time and power to continue the other cool projects you are working on.

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    Congrats on selling it. You knew you weren't the right fit so instead of letting it die you gave it a new home. That takes commitment. Can I ask how you approached finding a new seller? I thought of selling a data-driven API I wrote a few years back but had no idea of how to find a buyer, so instead, it just became dusty code on my backup drive.

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      I used indiemaker.co and got a bunch of inquiries in the following days

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    Congratulations on the exit! 🥂

    You seem to have a ton of great startup ideas, keeping doing what you do!

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    Dude, I just listed on your site a couple of days back. Congrats man!

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      I hope this switch is worth it for you too, Neil has a lot of experience connecting publishers and advertisers!

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    Hi @dqmonn, how is it different from google ads or purple ads, or any other platform that gives you the option to place ads in your website?

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      You sell your own ads, they are not being served through a network.

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    Congrats on the sale! That's awesome!

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    This comment was deleted 2 years ago.

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