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I started a blog using Super, how worried would you be about not having a sitemap?

Dustin McCaffree @dustinm

So, I think Super is amazing. I just went to the trouble of writing a ton of custom styles, adding scripts, adding Jolt Block’s analytics and comments, and everything...

Now I’m wondering if I’ll ever overcome the SEO issues that Super still has (until fixed). I’m worried because my site doesn’t show up on Google at all after around 5 days. And I can’t submit a sitemap.xml through the Google Search Console, because Super doesn’t support having uploading a sitemap and doesn’t autogenerate one (except for prettified URLs).

Should I be as worried about this as I am?

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    Also... what is Super? I googled "Super Blog" and (as should have been obvious) the results were shit.

    Seems like a terrible name for a service in relation to searches.

    1. 1, it let's you use Notion to have a real website. I've loved it, because I can just edit Notion docs to add/edit blog posts. Pretty cool!

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    How does Google know how long people are on your site, and other elements about your site, if the site in question doesn't use GA?

    This has been bothering me for a while since I stopped using Google Analytics.

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      Google doesn't use GA for ranking purposes. They monitor if your page satisfied the user's query (they didn't return to the SERP). Or, if they returned to the SERP, how long they stayed on your website.
      Note that this happens only for search traffic. Traffic from other sources doesn't matter.

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    Sitemaps are just a way to let search crawlers know about all of your pages. (You can set a crawling frequency). This is quite important for news sites/forums. I've seen stackoverflow has very large Sitemaps.

    Other than that, as I know, there's no impact of Sitemaps for your rankings. You'll need good content. Your visitors have to spend more time on your pages, if your niche is competitive, you'll need some quality backlinks from authority sites.

    If you don't publish thousands of article (For example, some large forums have this issue. New articles cannot be found by just visiting the homepage), don't worry about Sitemaps.

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    Hey Dustin, to give you a more concrete answer here, it depends on the size of the website you're planning to build and how serious you want to get with it.

    Google should be able to reach all the key pages on your site by crawling, ideally not too many clicks from the homepage (4-5 seems to be the preferred maximum).

    John Mueller has recently said that sites with under 1,000 pages don't necessarily need a sitemap.

    That said, if you are worried about SEO and you want to attract readers to your site largely by organic search, I wouldn't be so fast to jump on something that limits you in terms of customization. Just because a product claims to be "SEO friendly" doesn't necessarily mean the people building it know anything about SEO.

    Why not use Jolt Block for your own blog? Wouldn't that be the best marketing for your product?

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      Love the longer answer, thanks Monica!

      Jolt Block is actually built as a layer on TOP of an existing blog, but it isn’t its own platform. I need to change up the landing though, because I get a lot of people thinking that!

      I am serious about the blog, but so far I only have a few posts on it. I’m not the most consistent person around, so maybe I should worry more about this if things get more serious (looking like 1000+ pages). I wouldn’t expect that for a few consistent years anyway with a blog.

      That’s a good reminder about services that just claim to be SEO friendly. I think to a lot of them, it just means having a way to have title and description tags, etc. Which is super important to remember. I should ask what SEO friendly means to the Super team.

      You’re awesome, thanks for the insights!!

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    No, not at all. Most important thing is traffic to your website and backlinks from authoritative websites. Load speed can be important as well.

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      Traffic is definitely not a ranking factor. I agree that sitemaps are not required for Google to crawl a website.

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        Not so sure about this. I don't think it's a confirmed factor, but I have heard about people starting new articles via ad campaigns and claim it helps the page. Of course, who knows, but how can you be so sure that Google isn't looking at this? I mean, we already know Google uses Chrome data for other confirmed ranking factors...

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          They denied it. I guess it depends on how much you trust what they say 😂

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            LOL I approach anything they say about ranking factors with a skeptical eye 😁

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      Okay, interesting. The load speeds are really great with Super because it uses server-side rendering, so I’m not too worried about that. I love to hear that I can just work on backlinks and traffic though. That’s really great news! Thanks for the quick response!

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